Decorating My New Home


A few weeks ago, I moved into a charming cabin up in the woods. It’s definitely my castle & sanctuary so I decided to channel my inner Belle from Beauty and the Beast. As my friend Ming would say, rustic exterior and Victorian interior since that’s exactly how I decided to furnish my new home. As you can see from the photo above, the door mat I got starts off very Beauty and the Beast already!

And right in front of the door mat is this view that I get to wake up to every morning:


En lieu of a coat & shoe closet, I decided to splurge on this gorgeous armoire (also obviously Beauty and the Beast-inspired) and stuck some temporary wallpaper behind it to prevent a white furniture-on-white wall-look as well as these gorgeous handmade 3-D Monarch butterflies I got from a talented artist in England:IMG_4935

I decided I wanted to continue the look of being surrounded by trees inside my bedroom too so I stuck on a birch tree print temporary wallpaper and applied more of the 3-D butterflies in other varieties. IMG_4942

I also got these white shabby-chic rose print butterflies that I thought would look great on my white side table as well as the full body mirror I placed next to my bed:Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 6.56.04 PM

IMG_4918And to go with the ongoing butterfly wonderland look, I decided to place these trash & recycling bins and a butterfly stool by the front door for people to have something to sit on while they put their shoes on (or take off) since I am still a no-shoes-inside-kind of gal. Though thankfully the place is all hardwood floor so even if anyone were to walk in with their shoes on it’s an easy clean-up!


The trash & recycling bins I actually semi-made by sticking on yet another kind of temporary wallpaper with birch trees and butterflies and labeled them so that it would be easier to tell which one was for which.

I did keep my nautical theme from my previous home for my new bathroom as well:


Though the anchor & nautical trash bin and toilet brush are new additions as well as the montage of anchor stickers I decided to place on the front part of the sink.

Speaking of montages — Before I found this lovely new place called home, I made this montage below (to the left) and pasted it onto the door of my former bedroom and realized later that it was foretelling my future. I kept the montage and now have it on my refrigerator surrounded by other visual items to remind me to continue to be grateful for my new home and how it’s become like a castle for this princess living in the woods. I also continue my tradition of buying myself roses, channeling my inner Belle who also drinks tea from teacups that have faces.


Here’s to my happily ever after,



The Perfect Speaker & Radio for a Modern Vintage Woman

A few months ago, I switched over from playing relaxing music for clients at the office from an old lap top computer to this baby:

IMG_4660It’s adorable, portable (I place my fist in juxtaposition for size reference), hand-carved wood, and is the perfect marriage between the vintage look and the modern technology — it is a blue tooth compatible speaker but is also a functioning radio and you can still directly plug it into a music player like I do with my iPod or iPhone).

This is how I define myself as a “Modern Vintage Woman” — someone who likes things that are vintage style but aren’t actual vintage items. Most of my clothing comes off as looking vintage because of the style and how I style myself but I don’t own many real vintage items, which saves me from the agony of things being too old & fragile or smelly and fabrics that don’t wick sweat or have stretch. And with real vintage items, the way the actual fit of the items were back then I find to be odd at times (ie. the pointy boobs).

Likewise, with something like a music device, I would rather purchase one of those modern vintage turntables that come with a USB cable port rather than a record player that was made from back when USB cords didn’t exist.

Yes, there is that saying about how things aren’t made anymore the way they used to be made. But sometimes that’s a good thing.


Live, Laugh, GLOVE ~ My New Method for Storing Gloves~

It’s no secret that I have quite the extensive collection of gloves. Up until now, I had been using shoe boxes (and cupcake boxes that I would put inside the shoe boxes to separate the gloves by color). However, with my collection of white gloves and black gloves alone they take up a whole shoe box each and many of the other colored gloves I have multiple varieties in each cupcake box.

So I decided to come up with a new method and crafted my very own gloves storage box. This first one I made is solely for black gloves, which will be easy to tell from the outer appearance of the box:

As you may have figured, the box did originally have the slogan “LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE” but I added the ‘G’ to make “LOVE” into “GLOVE.”

I took some Elmer’s foam boards and cut them with an exacto knife to make the rectangular sections inside the box which I glued together with a glue gun. To sum, I used these materials + a plastic black clipboard (not photographed) + a mechanical pencil for tracing lines onto the foam board to make my box:


You can also use a ruler if you want to be super precise. But I found that the little piece of label paper of the Elmer’s foam boards to be a perfectly fine substitute for using as a straight edge and the glue from the glue gun would fill in any small gaps of imperfections there may be for the edges cut by the exacto knife (which I also used for the first time with this project).


I often get asked now how many pairs of gloves I actually have…. Like socks, I admit that there are a few pairs that I have where one of the pairs is missing. But according to my most recent count it looks to be approximately 60 pairs as of now (and growing!) Needless to say, utilizing this new organization system for my gloves collection will make my life so much easier…

It’s not my first time these decorative boxes have come in handy for me as I did a whole posting back in May on my different usages for them. Though the one I used for this project is not as deep and are typically used as photo storage boxes.

Live, laugh, GLOVE!


My Love for Life-Like Inanimate Objects

I’ve done a few “Look Like a Princess But Don’t Act Like One” segments now. And this month, I’ve concluded that I would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast if I had to choose a “Disney princess” to be. I admittedly do a good number of my postings on book reviews too. And who doesn’t want a sexy beast?

Click here to read the film review I wrote on Beauty and the Beast in April

I’ve been raving to my friends about my recent purchase of forks and knives after I realized that I was down to just one fork (I only started out with two when I moved into my current apartment to start a new life two and a half years ago). And the one and only fork left had a bent tip. Voila, the fork and knives I got from Paris at Pylones (where I stumbled upon during my Paris trip in 2015):

The knives are male and the forks are female. If you take a closer look they all have faces (and booties when you flip them over on the back!) And the knives have a slight bulge for a package. Gosh, it all made me laugh so much!

As some of you also may recall, from that first visit to Pylones I also fell in love with the 58Products Tassen collection and have their tea set and bowls. I mentioned in my book that I would like to eventually collect all of them! This is a portion of my growing collection:


As you can see from the photo above, I’m also a big fan of having silicone lids for my tea cups. Pylones does usually have a number of choices in stock but I’ve also been fortunate enough to stumble upon on them in other places now too:

Click here to buy the Bumble Bee, the Kitty Cat, or the Bunny Rabbit ones I found!

Eating and tea time should be a joyous time and it certainly has become so for me. As cliché as it sounds, sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference.


A Great Way to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

I’ve never been much of a candy person. But I do love desserts. Like how I have never been crazy about Oreo cookies —- but I LOVE cookies n’ cream ice cream.

So, I decided to take some Halloween candy and turned them into cookies. It’s not too far of a stretch from the classic M&M cookies. But I decided to take inspiration from the names of the candies themselves:

Case #1: Snickers Snickerdoodles 

People LOVE my snickerdoodles and everyone seems to have a favorite flavor/version of the varieties I make. While my pumpkin snickerdoodles are a fall favorite, this is a great way use up those snickers bars and have fun saying “snicker” twice. You can take a basic snickerdoodle recipe and simply incorporate chopped up pieces of snickers bars in there, which is what I did below:


Case #2: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookies

So I actually didn’t have Reese’s peanut butter cups. I bought the dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s (which is my personal preference). But you can use any peanut butter cups and use it in a peanut butter cookie recipe as I did. While you can chop the peanut butter cups and incorporate it into the cookie dough like I did with the snickerdoodles, I decided to also insert whole peanut butter cups into the dough balls before baking them in the oven and this was the aftermath:


I did notice that there was more moisture in tact with the whole peanut butter cup version most likely due to the melting effect that took place on top of the cookies. It did obviously make it a bit more difficult to stack those ones without smudging the tops. So for practicality, I would recommend the incorporating chopped up pieces method.

I often will store cookie dough balls in the freezer upon making the dough to make it easy for me to be able to pop them in the oven whenever I need them in a hurry. That way you will also be able to stretch the life of the halloween candy without making people feel sick of eating it months later.

Et voila! Bon appétit~

– M



My Top 3 Celebrity Idols

My previous blog entry was about Oscar-worthy films in anticipation of this year’s Oscar awards. And when I did watch the award show, I was once again impressed by Lady Gaga’s performance of “Til It Happens to You” (her Sound of Music tribute performance at last year’s Oscars was excellent too, of course!) She is one of my “top 3 celebrity idols” so I wanted to take the time to openly express my appreciation for her alongside my other two choices: Ellen Degeneres and Clinton Kelly.

Lady Gaga

I did pay tribute to Lady Gaga by being her for Halloween in 2009 when she was quite the popular choice for Halloween costume that year. It was the year she wore the meat dress
but I particularly loved her wetsuit outfit she came out of the swimming pool in the “Poker Face” music video so I made my own version of it.

She’s obviously made quite a few fashion statements over the years and has become iconic but like her music (which I also love) she is never afraid to reinvent her style or be what she wants to be in that moment. I also admire her advocacy of anti-bullying, LGBT rights and her latest performance tribute at the Oscars of standing up against rape on college campuses.

And like the causes that are dear to her heart, I love seeing the passion and commitment she puts into all of her artistic endeavors (if you have seen any of her music videos you will agree with me that they are quite the production)

Ellen Degeneres

As an openly lesbian woman, Ellen Degeneres is also someone who has advocated LGBT rights and constantly reminds her show audiences to “be kind to one another.” However, I admit that what I came to love about her first and foremost was the ability she had to make me laugh. And even her sense of humor is “kind” in that she manages to not offend or put down people in order to make people laugh unlike a lot of other comedians out there. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I love a good hearty laughter and genuinely believe that it’s one of the best medicines.Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.39.21 PM.png

Dancing is also a great way to feel great, so I love that she always makes sure she and the show audience members make time to do that on the show.

And while Oprah Winfrey is famous for when she used to give away extravagant gifts to the audience members, I love that on Ellen’s shows she not only is generous with her gifts but is also humorously thoughtful when it comes to gifts she gives her show guests making sure they don’t ever forget her by having her face/or name on the personalized items.

I look forward to reading her book Seriously… I’m Kidding in the near future.

Clinton Kelly

Clinton Kelly may not be as well known as Lady Gaga or Ellen Degeneres. Like Ellen Degeneres he is in fact an openly gay daytime show host (he is one of the co-hosts on one of my favorite daytime shows The Chew on ABC and has previously co-hosted “What Not to Wear” with Stacy London).

But like Lady Gaga I admire his versatility that I’ve come to see on The Chew. Most of the other co-hosts of The Chew are primarily celebrity chefs but Clinton Kelly really makes the show “not just another cooking show” with his showcase of fashion, crafting, table setting/interior decoration, game hosting and his occasional singing and dance performances (in addition to his cooking abilities and specialization in cocktail making).

He is clearly the best moderator out of all the hosts and would definitely be co-host on The Chew as Whoopie Goldberg is on The View (the similarity of the show names have continued to be made fun of coinciding with the shows both airing on ABC one right after the other).

All three people in this blog posting have the commonality of being true to who they are (genuine) and are role models to me for simply having the courage of not being afraid to be so.

While I am not nearly as famous as any of these people are, I have received my share of criticism at times as a blogger or a model and even in my “more private life” as a dancer, martial artist or a healthcare provider. Some people think it’s impressive that I am able to be/do all these things (the versatility characteristic that I admire in my celebrity idols).

But it’s fair to say that I too cringe when I look back at some of the work I’ve done whether it’s some of the early modeling photos I’ve taken or blog entries I’ve written that weren’t as good. The important thing is to not let perfection be the enemy and keep practicing. As the saying goes, it’s all part of enjoying the journey.

And between my personal fashion choices or the variety when it comes to blog posting subjects, I love not being afraid to freely choose what I want to choose in that moment. If I were to limit myself to being a fashion blogger who blogs only about modern vintage fashion, it would quickly become much more difficult for me to be as prolific of a blogger because that means I wouldn’t get to blog about all the other things I want to blog about.

Here’s to finding all the different sides of you and being able to showcase that – Here’s to being YOU



“Dare to be different!” (message written inside the card)





Easy DIY Project: Stackable Bookshelves

Since moving into my new home nine months ago, I’ve been gradually acquiring new items such as furniture. I’ve also been doing a lot of leisure reading, and though I’ve been able to manage the numbers in the collection (giving some away after reading them helps) I decided to find a better way to store them:


This way, when I do move again I won’t have to remove the books from a book shelf into a box because it’s already inside a crate – I just have to turn it open side up!

Though I bought this at a Cost Plus World Market (it’s called the Sebastian Crate and is not sold online but you can take a look on their website here where it’s listed)

But if you do want more options that can be purchased online, here’s one that fits vinyl records perfectly too:

Picture 1
Click here to buy Wooden Storage Crate

I think these also make for the perfect solution for storing cookbooks in the kitchen, especially if you’re going for the slightly rustic or country look.

If you have the right tools and supplies you could also go to a local Home Depot store and buy cheaper regular wooden crates that are unfinished (meaning, you would have to sand them and stain them yourself).

You could also go the other direction and go to a store like Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn and spend more money on something similar to what I got. Though I did recently splurge on a lovely tufted storage bed from Pottery Barn so I am definitely going for that look while making sure things are also utilitarian!

Happy reading & decorating,