The Watermelon Dress 3 Ways

As an avid dress wearer, I decided I wanted to get one of those watermelon dresses I’ve been seeing around lately. And frankly, I couldn’t decide between all the different options of gloves, hats and shoes. So here’s 3 ways I’ve worn it (which doesn’t include other looks I have since then played around with):

Click here to buy the watermelon dress I’m wearing

Look#1: The most indoor-event friendly and hugging/kissing other people-friendly option. The fascinator makes me think of the vintage swim caps a bit which is also season-appropriate. Since it’s the only hat option that doesn’t come with a wide brim it does make it easier for the kissing/hugging of people. However, it is also very securely fastened by a band onto my head and would actually fare well in windy conditions if I were to be out and about. The minty, sea foamy sage green gloves and shoes were also with the lighter green color scheme that you see in the thin stripes of light green near the hem of the dress.


Look #2: The farmers market look (especially if I’m picking up some watermelon there). It’s the most casual look out of the three and would also be the most practical when it comes to protecting myself from the sun. I did end up wearing the same shoes as look #1 but would ideally pair it with something of a darker green to match my darker green gloves (which I would have on so that it wouldn’t get dirty as easily as the lighter green gloves when I’m picking out fruits and vegetables at the farmers market and such).


Look #3: The derby, polo or wedding look. This one is definitely the look I would go for at festive events where it would be acceptable for me to show some flare. The green gloves were appropriately matching the color of the fascinator and are satin so I went with a pair of one of my favorite satin heels that went with the fuchsia color of the watermelon.


Along with my cucumbers, I have been enjoying some good watermelons lately with my balsamic vinegar and mint leaves. So whether you are eating them or wearing them as a fashion statement, I hope watermelons and all the refreshing fruits in season will help you stay cool this summer!

– M

Usage for Decorative Boxes

You may often come across these types of decorative storage boxes that are sold when you go into a store. And I personally have become quite fond of finding different uses for them so I would like to share:

1. Wine Boxes for flowers

I first did this for my mother’s birthday when I had bought some tulips for her at the farmers market and brought them into a restaurant with me. At the time, I had double layered plastic bags and filled it with a bit of water for the flowers, securing the hem of the bags onto the edge of the box opening with a rubber band. But as you can see above, you can also place a glass bottle en lieu of that as well.

2. Photo boxes for toiletries 

The bathroom sink I have does not come with drawers so this is how I store my toiletry items. Since I have an nautical anchor theme going on in this room, I keep decorative boxes on shelves that go well with the theme.  I also prefer keeping the tissue box design to also look oceanic for that reason!

3. Parties and Special Occasions 

Parties too often have some sort of theme to them and I recently helped chip in for a friend’s baby shower by providing party favors that coincidentally also went well with my ongoing anchor and nautical theme I had going on in my bathroom. So I went and got another larger photo box that had the nautical look to it and customized the lid with the baby’s name in hopes of it becoming useful for the nursery since I kept with the look the parents-to-be came up with for the room. I stuffed it with heating/cryotherapy pads I had made to go with the “relaxing” beach theme that was requested for the shower (for which I also used nautical anchor printed fabric to stay consistent).

4. Hat storage 

When people discover my love for hats and gloves and realize how much of it I own, one of the questions that usually come up is how/where I store them. Since most of my clothing shopping is done online, my hats do not come with a hat box like they might if I were to purchase them at a fancy hat store. The deeper rectangular shaped ones are great for storing some stacked sideways (this works for hats that do not have wide brims) and the smaller, rounder shaped ones make for great use in traveling with relatively compact-sized fascinators and hats that you don’t want to have be crushed inside your suitcase by the rest of your items.

These decorative boxes are typically categorized as nesting boxes. Though the wine boxes might be a bit more difficult to find online they can also be called nesting boxes.

Though there’s the phrase “think outside the box”  —- I would like to think that I am thinking about what to put inside the box.


Seeing Dots

I decided to buy a new pair of brown pumps as they are considered essential in my wardrobe. And of course I decided to get a few other pieces that coincidentally seemed to all work together  (the red hair band and grey dress I was wearing underneath the coat were not part of the new purchase):

Click here to buy the coat

Though I will not be keeping the coat (the buttons were placed in places that made it a bit tight for active movement) I am definitely not disappointed in the quality of the tights. When it comes to patterned tights I do prefer subtlety and the polka dots thankfully did not make me look like a purple dinosaur (although you may beg to differ). As you could tell from the full body shot, you can’t really tell until you take a look at a closer up photo:

Click here to buy the shoes
Click here to buy the tights

And secretly, there are red polka dots on the inside lining of the pumps too 😉 It might be because I generally prefer to wear shoes that have rounded toes rather than pointed toes, but there is something about round buttons and dots that are timeless and classy when done right. If it starts raining again, this would be an adorable look to pair with an umbrella. But it has been sunny again here in northern California, so perhaps I’ll be alright with returning the coat after all.

La tee dot, dot, dot ….


Look Like a Princess But Don’t Act Like One (Peacock Princess Version)

On rare occasions we women feel entitled to sport a tiara when we’re partaking in a bachelorette party shenanigan or be a birthday queen for a day. It’s again that feeling of going back to that age when you decide you want to wear your princess costume your parents got you for Halloween to the grocery store just because you feel like it.

I recently purchased a comb that had that effect without it looking too over-the-top, a green coat and black pumps that I actually found I could wear altogether and make it work as an outfit ensemble. I couldn’t resist placing my peacock pumps  in juxtaposition to the black pumps I was wearing for the peacock effect.


Here’s a close-up of the tiara-like comb:


2017 might be the year of the Rooster but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to continue to sport my peacock elements. That’s right – I make my own trends and phases.

Wishing everyone a fabulous 2017,


Wearing White [and Black … and More Florals] After Labor Day

There’s supposed to be that rule about not wearing the color white after Labor Day. Well, I say do away with that rule! You could say this blog posting is similar in tone to my take on wearing florals in Autumn I wrote about in September.

SIDE NOTE: Upon doing some research on the no wearing white after Labor Day rule, it appears that the rule was for back when we didn’t have as many fabric options or air conditioning during the hot summer months and the color white was considered more light and appropriate for the weather. The season of summer was traditionally considered to be sandwiched between Memorial Day and Labor Day so Labor Day indicated the end of summer.

As those of you who are familiar with my sense of style know, I am a skirts & dresses kind of a gal all year round. So I went ahead and posted versions of how I would wear the dresses indoors vs. outdoors similar to the style of the posting I did last year on how to wear colorful tights:

Look #1: White + Floral 

I got this dress and at first glance it would seem more like a spring or summery dress but the color combination of the floral design towards the hem of the dress reminds me of Autumn foliage. So I would pair it up with the darker wine color hue within the florals to bring it out more.

For the winter look, I chose to keep going with the white as a dominant color and wore my white coat on top. It was just long enough to cover most of the hem but I kind of like the subtle peek-a-book effect.

Look #2: Black + White + Floral 

Instead of going with a floral pattern towards the bottom this time I went with one at the top part of the dress. I wore my white fascinator hat with the black bow (both in my indoor look and my outdoor look!) Again, since the color scheme is black and white I would pair it with yet another colorful pair of tights to have it pop.

Click here to buy the white & black dress

Even though the base color of the dress is the white, I decided to top my look off with a black coat this time. The combination allows for the continuation of having it be black on the top half and white on the bottom half.

Look #3: Black

I was at first a bit surprised by the length of the dress (I still may get it hemmed) but I quickly realized that it was supposed to balance out the sexy front slit and the somewhat low v-neckline. I do like the pockets, the fact that it’s machine washable, and it’s stretchy!

Click here to buy the black dress

To add to the edgy sexiness of the dress I decided to accent it with a metallic look. The neckline would allow for some long necklaces and chains. I went with a subtle chain necklace that matched the color of the jacket I wore in my outdoor look version. I am not one to really wear black hats since my hair is already that color but decided that it would work well with balancing out the look I was going for. The shoes I wore had metallic studs which always makes me feel like an edgy rock star.

So there you go – This is how I make my personal style work year round.

Here’s to all the beautiful things,


Halloween Costume-Worthy Shoes

A few years ago, I dressed up as Lady Gaga and made my very first ModCloth purchase where I splurged on a pair of black heels that had unicorn horn-shaped heels to wear as part of the costume.

I went to my second meetup for shoe lovers over the weekend and spotted several pairs that reminded me of that time I purchased my black unicorn heels and other Halloween costumes I’ve had.

The Sexy Lingerie Shoe

I’m not one to purposely wear a Halloween costume that’s sexy. But if you wanted to opt for a sexy outfit these are the shoes to wear, especially if you’re going to wear a sheer black top. I think the tassles add a touch of elegance to the look.


The Zebra

I was in fact a zebra for Halloween a few years ago too and would have loved to had these shoes to match my costume back then:


Fit for the Evil Queen

I was Maleficent for Halloween two years ago and would have loved having these to go with the costume:


Per tradition, we did also take a group shoe shot:

img_5618-jpgI was not really dressed in a costume per say, but I did dress for another outing I had earlier that day watching the film Sully with a different group of ladies in another meetup group and decided to emulate my flight look with my Wizard of Oz-esque shoes.


I of course am a firm believer that it doesn’t have to be Halloween for one to have an excuse to have fun dressing up. Like the little girls you see in grocery stores dressed up in their princess costumes just because, I am still a grown woman who lives by the motto that I can look like a princess but not act like one.



When Autumn Goes Floral

When one thinks of Spring going floral, it’s usually an array of pastels. It’s in the autumn when you see colors become rich. My recent autumn purchase includes this coat I purchased:


And I purchased this fascinator hat that also has a floral element with the flower adornment on it:


As I’ve mentioned in my book, one of the things I intend on continuously making an effort on is cultivating female friendships. So I decided to sport this yellow fascinator hat look to the shoe lovers “Sole Sisters” meetupimg_0909
kickoff gathering. The shoes I wore are by Paris Hilton and it has the sparkly heel. It was originally purchased as part of my “birthday suit” ensemble from two years ago.

There were other adorable shoes and shoes-themed elements at the gathering from chocolates shaped like stilettos to a bountiful collection of sexy shoes that were worn by the attendees. img_0902

Though I’ve never been much of a coveter of shoes based on the prestige of the brand, these shoes worn by the other ladies proved that there was more to these shoes than just brand names.

Examples #1 and #2: Miu Miu & Jimmy Choo


I LOVE it when heels of a shoe take on a unique element like the Miu Miu stilettos (on the left) mimicking either an architectural column or a gothic-looking goblet stem.

Example #3: Christian Louboutin 


These were apparently worn on a bride’s wedding day. Once again, I am digging yet another floral detail AND unique heel detail.

And here I am now, relaxing without shoes on as I write this blog entry. It’s lovely wearing sexy shoes out, but I admit that my asian upbringing prefers to keep shoes off inside the house. It’s a great way to recharge my “sole.”

Alas, when I’m not kicking my shoes off I dare to kick off the fall fashion season in floral styles blooming all around.