My Photo Shoot with Mike Lloyd

I recently had a photo shoot with the very talented photographer Mike Lloyd in hopes of coming up with a good author’s photo for my next book as well as a few good shots to add to my portfolio. For the purpose of conserving space, I did group a few of them together to post onto this entry. Here is the aftermath:

  1. The White Bikini Look

Mike thought that pairing the roses with a white bikini would look good (it was my first time wearing a white bikini). So I got this one that had a one shoulder/ruffle look.

2. The Sexy Blazer Looks

I decided I wanted to try that wear-nothing-underneath-a-blazer look that you see in editorial fashion shots. These would probably be ideal out of the shots I got from the shoot for an author’s photo but I haven’t quite decided yet.

3. The Rainbow Sherbet Dress Look065D746F-7635-4395-8D43-EE4807A3C5EB
<Click here to buy the dress>
This one below actually would make a wonderful book cover shot (which was very different from my original book cover concept I had in mind) so that’s all very to-be-determined as well:

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 6.06.28 PMI kept wondering why Mike had me do certain things while he was shooting me but realized that it was to achieve this very cool shot (below): Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 6.06.40 PM

Feel free to let me know in the comments section what you think! As I’ve said, I’m still in the deciding process for choosing photos to use in my upcoming book for both the author’s photo and possibly for a book cover/back cover.



Vintage Rose Swing Dress Look

My recent purchase included this rose print swing dress:


While I don’t think I’ll wear it for the book cover shoot, I did find myself once again gravitating towards roses. I typically don’t get dresses that have a tulle underlay (and didn’t realize that this one had it until it arrived in the mail). But it certainly does add fun and volume!

When I wear the hat I sometimes remember all of my favorite things like the movie (Sound of Music) where Maria sings that in a song. IMG_4650

Since I often seem to gravitate towards wearing a light pink for special occasion wear I decided to also purchase these earrings along with the dress. They’re actually quite heavy so I was having second thoughts about keeping them. But oddly enough I seemed to still find myself kind of liking them in spite of their heaviness after trying them out for a whole afternoon.

Most of the time I tend to opt for simple, single pearl studs (like the ones I am wearing with the dress in the photo above) since it goes well with everything and does not clash with other statement pieces. But if the dress I am wearing does not have a printed design and my other accessories are simple it’s nice to have some statement earrings like these.

And to all those who are brave enough to make a statement via fashion — Hats off to you!


My Rainbow Sherbet Dress

I had a rainbow sherbet phase during my childhood of getting that flavor at the ice cream scoop shop that was set up inside the local pharmacy my parents used to take me to. This dress does take me back to those memories:


It’s still a bit early to wear this dress out but I think it’ll be a great spring/summer piece with the pastels. I coordinated the colors of the shoes and the hat with the colors in the dress. Since the shoes have print, I kept the hat fairly simple. Likewise, if I had chosen simpler shoes I would allow myself to go more ornate with the hat/fascinator accessory.

I do plan on using this dress again for a photoshoot in the near future for potential photos to use in my next book (for the author’s photo). It is exciting to have these visions that I am working towards. In general, it’s important to have things to look forward to in life and be excited about them. And when I pick out items to wear, I want to feel excited to wear them — so much so that I take photos of myself wearing them even before I actually get a chance to wear them for a professional photo shoot.

– M


Channeling My Inner Dorothy

IMG_4435.JPGI live in my own little world when it comes to fashion and I wear what I feel like wearing in this fantasy world. So when I saw these glittery red pumps they immediately took me back to memories of watching the film Wizard of Oz, Dorothy clicking her shoes together to go back home. I purchased them on Valentine’s Day as a gift to myself so I decided to pay homage to that with the subtle heart print black tights.

I sported 3 different looks for different settings/occasions of where I would wear the shoes to,  incorporating purple + black + white into the color scheme:

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 7.28.07 PM

Dark purples work well in this case because it’s not quite black but there is still a subtle color contrast without taking the glittery attention off the red shoes. A dark blue (in place of the purple) would also work similarly well. But I feel like the purple & red combination is a bit more underused.

I purchased them in a size 5 UK but found them to be a bit loose on me so I will be sending them back for a smaller size exchange. I’m usually a size 7.5 US, which is equivalent to a size 5.5 UK so going down to a size 4UK would be the equivalent of sizing all the way down to a size 6 US, which seems small. So if you’re thinking about getting these yourself, I would advise you to get them a whole size smaller than what you normally would get.

In addition to the size exchange of the shoes, I’ve added a new item to the shopping cart for my upcoming shipment from ModCloth that makes me think of rainbow sherbet and unicorns. So stay tuned for a likely future posting of yet another look I would sport in this fantasy world of mine that I bring with me to the real world.

Because my motto is to look like a princess but not act like one.


More Elephants and Roses

As I continue to work on books #2 and #3, I think I’m continuing to attract elephants and roses as my latest ModCloth purchase ended up being an elephant print robe and a rose print blazer.

Elephant Robe:

I guess it’s a bit funny since I purchased a rose print bathrobe a few months ago (mentioned in this previous blog posting where I am already sporting 2 different outfits that have rose prints on them). I am a fan of the hood that comes with this one, though I admittedly have a bit of a quirky side when it comes to when/when not to have hoods:

  • I am NOT a fan of hoods on winter coats typically because I find that it tends to add unnecessary bulk
  • BUT I do often wear at least one layer (ie. jacket) over my workout clothes when I walk to the gym in the mornings that has a hood on it that I do utilize.

It might also be because when I’m wearing regular [non-workout] clothes I often will wear a hat or a fascinator already on top of my head so hoods on coats aren’t necessary. Whereas, I wouldn’t ruin a nice hat or a fascinator when I’m trying to work up a sweat from a workout.

The Blazer + A-Line Dress Vs. The Blazer + Wiggle Dress:

I did sport both types of dresses with/without the fascinator. And I felt like it would be an overkill if I posted 4 varieties with the same blazer so I’m posting just 1 look of each dress.

You could wear pink shoes to accent the dress colors, but since the blazer is black I went with simple & plain black tights and shoes. I usually try to pick one piece in an outfit that I want to showcase to keep it from becoming too busy – And in this case, I’m trying to showcase the blazer.

IMG_4138It continues to be the Year of the Rose for me, but February is the month of roses for many of those who celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’ve always associated the holiday with my mother so it’s not the traditional, romantic-kind-of-love celebration. But I think it’s wonderful to celebrate love that comes in the many different forms it comes in. And for me, I continue to celebrate every week by buying these gorgeous flowers for myself.

Wishing you all love,


Year of the Rose


According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. However, I plan on having it be the Year of the Rose.

Perhaps this will also serve as a hint as to what my next book cover will look like since I am also working right now on my second AND third books as I type this.

Truth be told, I had a sunflower phase for a long time and actually was a bit anti-rose because I saw roses as the archenemy. I also have had a dahlia phase and actually do find all of these flowers still beautiful.

I think my newfound love for roses might have something to do with me embracing my inner Belle since last year when the film Beauty and the Beast came out. It’s evident by my many posts reviewing books, the one I did on my love for life-like inanimate objects, my fashion choices, and now my obsession with buying bouquets after bouquets of roses the last several weeks.


Also, being a Game of Thrones fan, I had a coincidental incident happen where a fellow GOT fan joked about my house doing well and I asked him what animal or creature my so-called house would be symbolized by. In my head, I thought to myself “House of Roses.” Out of curiosity I decided to look up “roses” on wikipedia when I got home and it led me to a historical reference to The War of Roses, the war within the English royal family between the House of Lancaster (symbolized by a red rose) and Yorks (represented likewise by a white rose). Being an American, I was not knowledgeable of much English history but these civil wars were fought between the two houses over which house were to gain control of the throne, serving as an inspiration for the author of the Game of Thrones books. Hence, the Lancasters would be the Lannisters and the Yorks would be the Starks.


Like the English, I continue to enjoy my tea, sometimes in my rose tea cup topped with a silicone rose lid to keep it from cooling down as quickly. One of my friends who gifted me with tea was thoughtful enough to also gift me with a gorgeous rose tea comprised of whole minature roses to steep.

So as the saying goes, don’t forget to smell the roses in life.


One Dress Styled for Every Season

I recently gave a tip to fellow fashionista & blogger Muse Meileena about my lack of winter-specific pieces such as bulky sweaters since I make use of a lot of my clothes all-year round utilizing outerwear instead to layer over in colder weather. Here’s an example using a dress I bought during the Cyber Monday sale:



I would most likely wear a coat if I was walking around town in the dress during the winter time. However, if I’m attending a holiday party, I would sport the white furry shrug so that I can still show off the dress. The ear muffs are not usually something I wear in California but I’ve worn them in other places that snow during my travels and it makes all the difference. In this situation it worked out that the white fluffiness of both items matched.


IMG_3573 2

I could wear cardigans but I opted for the light purple jacket I had bought as part of a set with a formal dress this year since it’s close to that pastel color vibe. It works with the shoes (which also scream spring) that match the jacket. As a general rule of thumb, sinamay fascinators are more appropriate for spring and summer whereas felt and wool head/hair pieces tend to work better for autumn and winter months.


Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 10.58.03 AM

I wasn’t able to quite decide which summer look to choose for this posting so I decided to post all three! The white cardigan can work for spring as well, but I figured in the summer months hanging it over the shoulder like that would still help prevent shoulder sunburns while staying relatively cool in the hot weather. Hats with longer brims would also help with sun protection along with a cute pair of sunglasses (which I sadly did not photograph myself with even though I purchased a few along with the dress). Summer and spring seasons call for bright colored shoes that pop!


Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 8.39.30 PM

I couldn’t quite decide between the navy blue blazer (which I’ve been posting photos of me wearing in recent postings) or the black & white one. The black & white one does match the color scheme of the black & white hat (which I thought went well with the Parisian landscape of the print on the dress). But the navy blue does go well with the lighter blue color of the dress too and I did pair both blazers with navy blue pumps. When I wore the black & white blazer, I also wore black gloves. If it was in colder weather, I would probably opt for tights too.

As you can see, it’s really all about the outerwear and accessories. I do think it’s more fun to sport vibrant colors during the colder seasons too. So next time, consider reconsidering before you decide to put away so-called spring/summer clothes during the autumn/winter months.