Live, Laugh, GLOVE ~ My New Method for Storing Gloves~

It’s no secret that I have quite the extensive collection of gloves. Up until now, I had been using shoe boxes (and cupcake boxes that I would put inside the shoe boxes to separate the gloves by color). However, with my collection of white gloves and black gloves alone they take up a whole shoe box each and many of the other colored gloves I have multiple varieties in each cupcake box.

So I decided to come up with a new method and crafted my very own gloves storage box. This first one I made is solely for black gloves, which will be easy to tell from the outer appearance of the box:

As you may have figured, the box did originally have the slogan “LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE” but I added the ‘G’ to make “LOVE” into “GLOVE.”

I took some Elmer’s foam boards and cut them with an exacto knife to make the rectangular sections inside the box which I glued together with a glue gun. To sum, I used these materials + a plastic black clipboard (not photographed) + a mechanical pencil for tracing lines onto the foam board to make my box:


You can also use a ruler if you want to be super precise. But I found that the little piece of label paper of the Elmer’s foam boards to be a perfectly fine substitute for using as a straight edge and the glue from the glue gun would fill in any small gaps of imperfections there may be for the edges cut by the exacto knife (which I also used for the first time with this project).


I often get asked now how many pairs of gloves I actually have…. Like socks, I admit that there are a few pairs that I have where one of the pairs is missing. But according to my most recent count it looks to be approximately 60 pairs as of now (and growing!) Needless to say, utilizing this new organization system for my gloves collection will make my life so much easier…

It’s not my first time these decorative boxes have come in handy for me as I did a whole posting back in May on my different usages for them. Though the one I used for this project is not as deep and are typically used as photo storage boxes.

Live, laugh, GLOVE!



Making an Ombre Headband for a Bedazzled Sweater

I live in an apartment complex where people kindly leave books for other people along with other items that they want to give away for free in the library section of the laundry room. One of my recent lucky finds was this bedazzled pink sweater that appeared to never have been worn. Like many of my other outfits, I decided I wanted to have a head piece to go with it so I decided to make a bedazzled ombre-effect headband:


Here’s a closer look at the design on the sweater shoulder area I was inspired by in juxtaposition to the headband I made:


Here are the materials I used to make the headband:

Step 1: Separate the gemstones according to color. There should be a variety in sizes for each color too. For a fun look, I decided to keep the colors consistent but the sizes of the stones mixed.

Step 2: Trim the ribbon according the circumference of your head of where you would wear the headband and leave extra length on (to be safe, I would leave on about an extra 4 inches on)

Step 3: Go ahead and arrange the stones on the ribbon according to how you want to have it be on the hairband. Once you’re happy, start gluing each stone onto the ribbon by applying fabric glue. Tip: It’s easier to apply the glue if you use a Q-tip

Step 4: Let it dry! I let it dry for a day and continued working on it the next day to be safe.

Step 5: Cut fairly identical-sized pieces (about 3/4 inch) from the velcro straps [from both the soft and rough surface spools]. Fold each ends of the ribbon twice and glue the folds down with the glue gun. Place the velcro pieces onto the ends (make sure you have one on the front and the other one on backside of the headband:


In case you were wondering what the rest of my outfit looked like, I decided showing off a little leg would balance out the conservative nature of the top half so I paired the sweater with grey plaid shorts (you can wear tights or knee socks underneath during the colder months) and one of my favorite fuchsia satin heels:


And there you go! It’s a classic look with a bit of a bedazzle~


Usage for Decorative Boxes

You may often come across these types of decorative storage boxes that are sold when you go into a store. And I personally have become quite fond of finding different uses for them so I would like to share:

1. Wine Boxes for flowers

I first did this for my mother’s birthday when I had bought some tulips for her at the farmers market and brought them into a restaurant with me. At the time, I had double layered plastic bags and filled it with a bit of water for the flowers, securing the hem of the bags onto the edge of the box opening with a rubber band. But as you can see above, you can also place a glass bottle en lieu of that as well.

2. Photo boxes for toiletries 

The bathroom sink I have does not come with drawers so this is how I store my toiletry items. Since I have an nautical anchor theme going on in this room, I keep decorative boxes on shelves that go well with the theme.  I also prefer keeping the tissue box design to also look oceanic for that reason!

3. Parties and Special Occasions 

Parties too often have some sort of theme to them and I recently helped chip in for a friend’s baby shower by providing party favors that coincidentally also went well with my ongoing anchor and nautical theme I had going on in my bathroom. So I went and got another larger photo box that had the nautical look to it and customized the lid with the baby’s name in hopes of it becoming useful for the nursery since I kept with the look the parents-to-be came up with for the room. I stuffed it with heating/cryotherapy pads I had made to go with the “relaxing” beach theme that was requested for the shower (for which I also used nautical anchor printed fabric to stay consistent).

4. Hat storage 

When people discover my love for hats and gloves and realize how much of it I own, one of the questions that usually come up is how/where I store them. Since most of my clothing shopping is done online, my hats do not come with a hat box like they might if I were to purchase them at a fancy hat store. The deeper rectangular shaped ones are great for storing some stacked sideways (this works for hats that do not have wide brims) and the smaller, rounder shaped ones make for great use in traveling with relatively compact-sized fascinators and hats that you don’t want to have be crushed inside your suitcase by the rest of your items.

These decorative boxes are typically categorized as nesting boxes. Though the wine boxes might be a bit more difficult to find online they can also be called nesting boxes.

Though there’s the phrase “think outside the box”  —- I would like to think that I am thinking about what to put inside the box.


Banana Cheesecake Brownies

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s all about chocolate. I recently came across a cheesecake brownie recipe and decided to combine the brownie element with my ever-popular banana bread element and my a take on a classic hostess chocolate cupcake-looking treat. The aftermath:


~Recipe~ (yields about 2 dozen cupcakes)

For the brownie batter:

  • 1 c butter, softened
  • 1 c brown sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp almond extract
  • 2 c chocolate chips, melted
  • 2 bananas, mashed
  • 1 tsp salt + sprinkles of cinnamon + cardamon
  • 1/2 c flour blend of almond flour, coconut flour and regular flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder

For the cheesecake batter mixture:

  • 1 block (8oz) cream cheese
  • 1/4 c sugar
  • 1/2 tsp almond extract or cream cheese extract

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees (F)

Mix all of the wet ingredients for the brownie batter together first (though I would mix in the eggs last to prevent the eggs from getting cooked from the heat of the melted chocolate). Add in the dry ingredients to form the brownie batter. Fill each cupcake paper about halfway full with the brownie batter.

Blend all of the ingredients for the cheesecake batter and top each brownie batter-filled cup with a bit of the cheesecake batter.

Bake for about 11 minutes or until done (but not overly done) and let it cool in the oven

Et voila! Bon appétit~

– M



A Great Way to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

I’ve never been much of a candy person. But I do love desserts. Like how I have never been crazy about Oreo cookies —- but I LOVE cookies n’ cream ice cream.

So, I decided to take some Halloween candy and turned them into cookies. It’s not too far of a stretch from the classic M&M cookies. But I decided to take inspiration from the names of the candies themselves:

Case #1: Snickers Snickerdoodles 

People LOVE my snickerdoodles and everyone seems to have a favorite flavor/version of the varieties I make. While my pumpkin snickerdoodles are a fall favorite, this is a great way use up those snickers bars and have fun saying “snicker” twice. You can take a basic snickerdoodle recipe and simply incorporate chopped up pieces of snickers bars in there, which is what I did below:


Case #2: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookies

So I actually didn’t have Reese’s peanut butter cups. I bought the dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s (which is my personal preference). But you can use any peanut butter cups and use it in a peanut butter cookie recipe as I did. While you can chop the peanut butter cups and incorporate it into the cookie dough like I did with the snickerdoodles, I decided to also insert whole peanut butter cups into the dough balls before baking them in the oven and this was the aftermath:


I did notice that there was more moisture in tact with the whole peanut butter cup version most likely due to the melting effect that took place on top of the cookies. It did obviously make it a bit more difficult to stack those ones without smudging the tops. So for practicality, I would recommend the incorporating chopped up pieces method.

I often will store cookie dough balls in the freezer upon making the dough to make it easy for me to be able to pop them in the oven whenever I need them in a hurry. That way you will also be able to stretch the life of the halloween candy without making people feel sick of eating it months later.

Et voila! Bon appétit~

– M



My Take On Healthier Mashed Potatoes

I have a fairly consistent diet that I stick to on a regular basis since I am a single woman who is only responsible for cooking for herself.

However, when it comes to cooking for others it’s a different matter. I recently spent a few days cooking for hungry teenagers on a trip to Canada and decided on a whim to try a spin on the mashed cauliflower I keep hearing about people doing in place of mashed potatoes.

Mine is more like a 50:50 ratio of mashed potatoes:mashed cauliflower. It definitely looked and tasted like mashed potatoes and no one knew that there was cauliflower in there.

Moreover, I decided to do another take on it after coming home and blended it in with an element I have in my regular diet (butternut squash soup) en lieu of gravy.

(In Canada, I had a bed of tomato-based sauce with cooked vegetables to put under the mashed potatoes en lieu of gravy)


These are the ingredients I basically used to make this dish:


Chicken broth is a good option instead of water (not photographed). The progression of how I make it looks like the following:

I peeled the potatoes and diced them into the pan along with bits of the cauliflower. I dropped in about half a block of light cream cheese in and added the liquid (water or chicken broth will do). I filled it up to where the vegetables are inside the pan but I wouldn’t panic if you feel like you added in too much liquid since it will evaporate eventually anyways as you cook it down. I then put a lid on it and simmered it in the pan on medium heat until the vegetables cook down, about 10 minutes (it will depend on how much content you have in your pan too).

Then, when the vegetables are soft enough, mash it. While many people have an actual potato masher, I prefer to have item be multi-functional so I usually use the bottom of a heat-proof cup or the wooden rolling pin I used in the photo. As I continued to cook down the liquid until the consistency thickens, I consistently stirred with a spatula. Note that when you cool it down the thickening process will continue to happen so it’s alright if it seems slightly under-thickened.

For the combination that was photographed, I served the mashed potatoes/cauliflower with the butternut squash soup en lieu of gravy and garnished it with chives.

Bon appétit!


My Take On the Maxi Dress

Last year, I dedicated a blog entry on celebrating my friend Muse Meileena’s birthday. When we went to ModCloth’s pop-up store in San Francisco, I tried on the maxi dress with the high-low hemline in made of multiple shades of purple.

Back in late January, I decided to purchase the dress and finally decided to sport it for a summery look over the Memorial Day weekend. It was actually in anticipation of watching the film The Huntsman, but the movie ended up not playing at the theater that my girlfriends and I went to go watch it at.

I was very close to even going as far as concocting a cape made of a similar material to give it an extra royal look for the event (Though we did end up watching the X-Men movie so if it would have not been completely inappropriate to have a cape). Instead, I made a purple peacock feather fascinator to wear in my hair.



I no longer have my purple pair of Nina pumps but still have a matching pair in fuchsia so I decided to bedazzle them with purple rhinestones:


Click here to buy the satin bow pumps (available in different colors too)

Pairing that all up with my purple gloves and voila:

Click here to buy a matching maxi dress in green (the purple variety is not available at the moment)

As you can see from the photos this dress is so fun to move in! It was driving the dog I live with nuts because he kept wanting to chase the hem of the dress trailing behind me every time I walked around in it (I guess the look got at least one male creature chasing after me)

As I’ve said before, one of my mottos is to to enjoy looking like a princess but not act like one.

– M