Mona Lisa Moon is a San Francisco Bay Area-based model who has a deluge of ideas for fashion, travel, food, and fitness.

What is so “modern vintage” about her? First off, she LOVES modern vintage fashion and has an extensive collection of vintage style gloves as well as hats and fascinators. She sends handmade cards and handwritten letters to friends and family to this day. When asked to make pasta, she starts off by making her own pasta noodles. While some may consider all this to be time-consuming and a lot of work to put in, she is a working woman who lives in the modern world just like everyone else.

This blog was started for the purpose of sharing tips on how to make her vintage ways work in the modern world. It has expanded to other writing projects, including her book 30: Listening to the Not-So-Listless Elephant Brain.

“Though it’s not a requirement by all means, I’ve found that there are a few things in life worth having as a lady: nice stationary to write on, stylish and timeless things to wear, great books to read for learning and leisure, cups of tea for the soul, and other ladies to give these things to/or share them with.”

– Mona Lisa Moon




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