Seeing Dots

I decided to buy a new pair of brown pumps as they are considered essential in my wardrobe. And of course I decided to get a few other pieces that coincidentally seemed to all work together  (the red hair band and grey dress I was wearing underneath the coat were not part of the new purchase):

Click here to buy the coat

Though I will not be keeping the coat (the buttons were placed in places that made it a bit tight for active movement) I am definitely not disappointed in the quality of the tights. When it comes to patterned tights I do prefer subtlety and the polka dots thankfully did not make me look like a purple dinosaur (although you may beg to differ). As you could tell from the full body shot, you can’t really tell until you take a look at a closer up photo:

Click here to buy the shoes
Click here to buy the tights

And secretly, there are red polka dots on the inside lining of the pumps too 😉 It might be because I generally prefer to wear shoes that have rounded toes rather than pointed toes, but there is something about round buttons and dots that are timeless and classy when done right. If it starts raining again, this would be an adorable look to pair with an umbrella. But it has been sunny again here in northern California, so perhaps I’ll be alright with returning the coat after all.

La tee dot, dot, dot ….



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