Skin Fabulous in February

I just had my very first experience with getting a full body scrub at a Korean spa at the Pearl Health Spa & Sauna in San Francisco. And am I now addicted! For anyone who doesn’t have sensitive skin issues, I would highly recommend getting this done. My skin feels so much smoother now from the exfoliation~

It’s a leisurely session sandwiched by a luxurious/unlimited usage of their steamed and dry saunas, showers with the best water pressure, hot and cold tubs, and their clay and salt rooms – plan on spending a few hours enjoying yourself to get the full benefit.


(For the purpose of privacy, I did blur the other person’s face out)

In one of my previous blog postings, I wrote about the new look my go-to sunblock lotion underwent. And I was very pleasantly surprised to have received a box of their products since then.


While I am still going to continue purchasing their Eco-Sensitive SPF35 (not sent in the box/photographed above), I have found that the Face & Body SPF30 is sufficient for the winter season we are currently in (photographed second from left).

And while I am primarily an indoor athlete (which works to prevent sun damage in the first place) I am bound to have some active fun in the sun from time to time and appreciate the addition of the Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen (photographed second from the right) and the Aloe Vera Skin Fix gel (photographed at the very left) as I already have plans on taking advantage of a swimming pool at the mansion my girlfriends and I will be staying at during a weekend in Palm Springs and all.

And while I no longer regularly do my workouts outdoors, I’ve had plenty of days out in the sun playing tennis in my teens so I think I’ll benefit from their UV Damage Recovery serums and Nightly Recovery Complex face/neck cream (photographed in the center) which I’ve started applying after cleaning my face with their cleanser (photographed in the right).

I love the eco-friendliness of the BurnOut line but am also a fan of the fact that their products don’t contain perfumes/scents (the only thing that had a tint of a refreshing citrus scent was the Vitamin C serum, which I love the scent of anyways).

January seems to be the month where a lot of people try to lose weight as part of their New Year’s resolution. Being at a healthy weight is just part of feeling and looking good. As someone who is not a heavy makeup wearer on a day-to-day basis, I am an advocate for taking great care of what would be underneath it all so that I don’t feel the need to cover it up in the first place. Therefore, I would like to encourage February to be the month of fabulous skin!

Wishing you all a skin fabulous February,



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