Revision: BurnOut Sunblock’s New Look

This was the posting I posted a few days ago:

I’ve been purchasing BurnOut sunscreen from Whole Foods for about seven years now since an aesthetician recommended it at a spa I had gotten a back facial from. Recently, I went to Whole Foods to resupply myself with the sunscreen and couldn’t help notice some changes. I went home with it and was able to confirm that I wasn’t imagining it:


At first glance, you may notice the size difference. It went down from a 3oz container to a 2.4 oz. Why? The airplane allows for liquid containers of up to 3oz so why wouldn’t you keep it at 3oz?

The second thing I noticed was the change in the SPF. It went down from SPF35 to a SPF30. Again, why? Why wouldn’t we want more sun protection.

And the price tag for it remained the same at the store.

UPDATE January 28th:

I got in contact with Whole Foods via Twitter and BurnOut Sunblocks via e-mail. And it turns out that my favorite sunblock was in disguise under a new look. The “new” sunblock I purchased is actually a new product released by BurnOut specifically for the face and body. It was obviously a bit confusing because the packaging looks very similar to that of the eco-sensitive sunblock’s former packaging.

So here is the new look for the eco-sensitive sunblock by BurnOut (still the same SPF35 and 3oz):


It was initially described to me by BurnOut that the container is a greenish color but it did appear both yellow and orange on their website and in person at the store where I photographed this.

I am once again a happy camper. Here’s to sun protection~



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