Wearing White [and Black … and More Florals] After Labor Day

There’s supposed to be that rule about not wearing the color white after Labor Day. Well, I say do away with that rule! You could say this blog posting is similar in tone to my take on wearing florals in Autumn I wrote about in September.

SIDE NOTE: Upon doing some research on the no wearing white after Labor Day rule, it appears that the rule was for back when we didn’t have as many fabric options or air conditioning during the hot summer months and the color white was considered more light and appropriate for the weather. The season of summer was traditionally considered to be sandwiched between Memorial Day and Labor Day so Labor Day indicated the end of summer.

As those of you who are familiar with my sense of style know, I am a skirts & dresses kind of a gal all year round. So I went ahead and posted versions of how I would wear the dresses indoors vs. outdoors similar to the style of the posting I did last year on how to wear colorful tights:

Look #1: White + Floral 

I got this dress and at first glance it would seem more like a spring or summery dress but the color combination of the floral design towards the hem of the dress reminds me of Autumn foliage. So I would pair it up with the darker wine color hue within the florals to bring it out more.

For the winter look, I chose to keep going with the white as a dominant color and wore my white coat on top. It was just long enough to cover most of the hem but I kind of like the subtle peek-a-book effect.

Look #2: Black + White + Floral 

Instead of going with a floral pattern towards the bottom this time I went with one at the top part of the dress. I wore my white fascinator hat with the black bow (both in my indoor look and my outdoor look!) Again, since the color scheme is black and white I would pair it with yet another colorful pair of tights to have it pop.

Click here to buy the white & black dress

Even though the base color of the dress is the white, I decided to top my look off with a black coat this time. The combination allows for the continuation of having it be black on the top half and white on the bottom half.

Look #3: Black

I was at first a bit surprised by the length of the dress (I still may get it hemmed) but I quickly realized that it was supposed to balance out the sexy front slit and the somewhat low v-neckline. I do like the pockets, the fact that it’s machine washable, and it’s stretchy!

Click here to buy the black dress

To add to the edgy sexiness of the dress I decided to accent it with a metallic look. The neckline would allow for some long necklaces and chains. I went with a subtle chain necklace that matched the color of the jacket I wore in my outdoor look version. I am not one to really wear black hats since my hair is already that color but decided that it would work well with balancing out the look I was going for. The shoes I wore had metallic studs which always makes me feel like an edgy rock star.

So there you go – This is how I make my personal style work year round.

Here’s to all the beautiful things,



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