Halloween Costume-Worthy Shoes

A few years ago, I dressed up as Lady Gaga and made my very first ModCloth purchase where I splurged on a pair of black heels that had unicorn horn-shaped heels to wear as part of the costume.

I went to my second meetup for shoe lovers over the weekend and spotted several pairs that reminded me of that time I purchased my black unicorn heels and other Halloween costumes I’ve had.

The Sexy Lingerie Shoe

I’m not one to purposely wear a Halloween costume that’s sexy. But if you wanted to opt for a sexy outfit these are the shoes to wear, especially if you’re going to wear a sheer black top. I think the tassles add a touch of elegance to the look.


The Zebra

I was in fact a zebra for Halloween a few years ago too and would have loved to had these shoes to match my costume back then:


Fit for the Evil Queen

I was Maleficent for Halloween two years ago and would have loved having these to go with the costume:


Per tradition, we did also take a group shoe shot:

img_5618-jpgI was not really dressed in a costume per say, but I did dress for another outing I had earlier that day watching the film Sully with a different group of ladies in another meetup group and decided to emulate my flight look with my Wizard of Oz-esque shoes.


I of course am a firm believer that it doesn’t have to be Halloween for one to have an excuse to have fun dressing up. Like the little girls you see in grocery stores dressed up in their princess costumes just because, I am still a grown woman who lives by the motto that I can look like a princess but not act like one.




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