When Autumn Goes Floral

When one thinks of Spring going floral, it’s usually an array of pastels. It’s in the autumn when you see colors become rich. My recent autumn purchase includes this coat I purchased:


And I purchased this fascinator hat that also has a floral element with the flower adornment on it:


As I’ve mentioned in my book, one of the things I intend on continuously making an effort on is cultivating female friendships. So I decided to sport this yellow fascinator hat look to the shoe lovers “Sole Sisters” meetupimg_0909
kickoff gathering. The shoes I wore are by Paris Hilton and it has the sparkly heel. It was originally purchased as part of my “birthday suit” ensemble from two years ago.

There were other adorable shoes and shoes-themed elements at the gathering from chocolates shaped like stilettos to a bountiful collection of sexy shoes that were worn by the attendees. img_0902

Though I’ve never been much of a coveter of shoes based on the prestige of the brand, these shoes worn by the other ladies proved that there was more to these shoes than just brand names.

Examples #1 and #2: Miu Miu & Jimmy Choo


I LOVE it when heels of a shoe take on a unique element like the Miu Miu stilettos (on the left) mimicking either an architectural column or a gothic-looking goblet stem.

Example #3: Christian Louboutin 


These were apparently worn on a bride’s wedding day. Once again, I am digging yet another floral detail AND unique heel detail.

And here I am now, relaxing without shoes on as I write this blog entry. It’s lovely wearing sexy shoes out, but I admit that my asian upbringing prefers to keep shoes off inside the house. It’s a great way to recharge my “sole.”

Alas, when I’m not kicking my shoes off I dare to kick off the fall fashion season in floral styles blooming all around.





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