My New Writing Gig

To be clear, I will continue to blog here. In fact, I will probably be doing it more than ever! I was asked to be part of the My Trending Stories team as an ongoing writer to contribute to their website. It is vital that I continue my blogging here as it was what got me this gig in the first place, where my potential was recognized.

It is also very likely that many of the blog posts here will end up being shared on My Trending Stories so it just simply means I’ll have a wider platform/audience.

The best part? I get to write about whatever I want! So really, I’m just continuing what I already do.

It is something I’ve come to really appreciate and work hard for in life – the freedom to be me, as unconventional as it may be at times.

I realize that people like to read what I write because I write “me.” The name Trending Stories may imply that I would write about something hip or a topic that everyone else is currently writing about. But I create my own trends or bring my on take on the modern (or the vintage).

I just published my very first story on My Trending Stories. Ironically, it’s about writing (or drawing en lieu of writing)

Here is what the outside of the Goal Getter Journal looks like:


Click here to buy a Goal Getter Journal

To anyone who has asked me about writing a book or was planning on asking me about it, this is how —- practice writing everyday!

Happy writing (or drawing),



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