My First [Successful] Attempt at Using a Hair Wand Curler

For my birthday this year, my dear sister decided to gift me a hair curler, which is actually a hair wand.IMG_0710

Click here to buy the MQB hair wand curler

For those of you wondering what the difference is between a regular hair curler and a hair wand, a hair wand does not come with the clip feature that regular hair curlers come with. Therefore, the heat-resistant glove that comes in the box with the product is essential!

My very first [unsuccessful] attempt at using this advanced product as a novice hair curler owner resulted in burning my wrist, curls that weren’t really curls and a lack of holding whatever curls I may have created.

After watching a few youtube videos sent over by my sister, the key seemed to be having some sort of products to put in pre-curling to protect it from the heat of the iron + a hair spray to maintain the curls thereafter.IMG_0739

So I went inside an Ulta Beauty store and asked for product recommendations and it came down to this handy dandy spray that acts as both a heat-protectant spray and a hair spray (therefore, I did not have to buy two separate products).

Click here to buy Redken’s Thermal Setting Mist.

I spray the thermal setting mist to a combed section of the hair I want to curl.

IMG_0712Note: If you have a good amount of hair on your head, it’s a good idea to pin your hair up in sections.
I left the bottom layers alone and just pinned the higher sections. I curled the lowest sections first and
progressively moved towards the top sections)

Since the wand does not come with a clip, you start curling by placing the wand to wrap the hair closer to your roots first and keep curling your hair around it until you’ve reached the ends (which you hold down with the hand wearing the heat-resistant glove).

The aftermath:


In my list of “Ten Things I Could Improve On” in my book I published for my birthday, spending more time and effort styling my hair was listed as #4 on that list. So I can proudly say that I’ve been giving that one a try indeed.

While I still don’t put makeup on or curl my hair on a regular basis, I think it doesn’t hurt to put in a little bit of effort here and there, putting in special touches for special occasions.

As I also quoted Warren Buffet in my book, the best investment you can make is in yourself!



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