My Birthday Suit 2016

I did come through with accomplishing my goal of publishing a book by my 30th birthday (refer to my previous blog post). But I did want to keep the tradition going of getting myself a small fun birthday gift in the form of a “birthday suit.”

For those that are not familiar with the birthday suit tradition I have, I actually thought that a birthday suit was an actual outfit until my 24th birthday. So I’ve just kept going with it since.

Though I also decided to purchase a cardigan (in case it looks familiar I do own it in 3 other colors) and a pair of sunglasses into the mix, the main item for me was this tropical dress and these shoes to get me in the vacation mood post-vacation since I don’t plan on taking any big trips for a good while.


I’ve started making more adult decisions of investing in mutual bonds and stocks recently. But that doesn’t mean I still can’t responsibly do small fun purchases occasionally to mix it up. As I quoted Warren Buffet in my book, the best investment you can make is in yourself – responsible ones or fun ones! <— That last part was added on by me, in case you were wondering.



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