My Travel Adventures in Canada

I recently attended a martial arts seminar/tournament in Banff, Canada. Banff is about a 90 minute drive from the city of Calgary, where we arrived at the airport. My spotting of cool vintage fashion started from the very beginning at the San Francisco Airport where I departed from. There was an extensive vintage flight attendant outfit showcase:

IMG_0537I was sporting my very own vintage vest that day! It really helped to break up the polka dots pattern I had going on with the shorts and the top. And the pink trim of the vest also made for a great accent to match the pink gloves and shoes (which are unfortunately not visible in this shot). There were definitely some colorful examples of flight attendant outfits that were showcased there too:


Once in Canada, I also came across vintage fashion when I visited the Cave & Basin (the historical site that became part of the very first national park site in Canada). The cave site is by mineral springs and and the cave itself also contains a body of the spring water. There was an exhibition of vintage style swimsuits women wore in order to bathe in the hot springs and pool back in the day:



The charming town of Banff is surrounded by spectacular mountains and you can’t help but occasionally pause to admire the beauty of it all.

IMG_0540Being the tea enthusiast I am, I prefer to always purchase some ice wine tea whenever I am in Canada to take home as souvenirs. This time, I also decided to get some blueberry tea as well as maple tea (both of which sounded very Canadian too). They all have great aromas (something I take into a lot of consideration when choosing teas).

Another cool souvenir I spotted were these maple leaves that were turned into beautiful works of art such as ornaments and jewelry. They were real maple leaves that were coated with metal to preserve the original form of the leaf. They were on display at the souvenir shop in the Calgary Tower.

The tower was the final stop before I boarded the plane from the Calgary Airport. The view from atop was also scenic and thrilling with the skywalk effect you are able to experience with the glass floors.

However, my favorite part of the trip was definitely enjoying the scenic outdoors. Before driving back out to Calgary that last day, I went horseback riding in Banff and also got to stop by the Cascade Gardens the day before. The gardens are free of parking or entrance fees (a great bonus).

IMG_0482 You do occasionally spot wooden structures that have this gnarly looking knobs throughout the length of the columns in Banff. There were bridges that had that characteristic in the garden too, so I decided to have a shot taken with one of them. I’m a tree hugging Californian after all. IMG_0541

The other wood element I actually got to take home with me were one of these canoe paddles that were rewarded to some of us en lieu of medals (we did get medals too) at the tournament.  It was definitely a bit of a challenge trying to figure out how to take home 4ft. long paddles at the airport customs…. But the good news is, I did indeed take first place in every category I was entered into the tournament, which means I qualify for the world tournament next year.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip and I got to experience fireworks twice this year due to Canada’s independence day (Canada Day) being so close to America’s. I was able to see the American fireworks on the drive back from the airport that night I returned.

Happy birthday to Canada and America!





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