My Take On the Maxi Dress

Last year, I dedicated a blog entry on celebrating my friend Muse Meileena’s birthday. When we went to ModCloth’s pop-up store in San Francisco, I tried on the maxi dress with the high-low hemline in made of multiple shades of purple.

Back in late January, I decided to purchase the dress and finally decided to sport it for a summery look over the Memorial Day weekend. It was actually in anticipation of watching the film The Huntsman, but the movie ended up not playing at the theater that my girlfriends and I went to go watch it at.

I was very close to even going as far as concocting a cape made of a similar material to give it an extra royal look for the event (Though we did end up watching the X-Men movie so if it would have not been completely inappropriate to have a cape). Instead, I made a purple peacock feather fascinator to wear in my hair.



I no longer have my purple pair of Nina pumps but still have a matching pair in fuchsia so I decided to bedazzle them with purple rhinestones:


Click here to buy the satin bow pumps (available in different colors too)

Pairing that all up with my purple gloves and voila:

Click here to buy a matching maxi dress in green (the purple variety is not available at the moment)

As you can see from the photos this dress is so fun to move in! It was driving the dog I live with nuts because he kept wanting to chase the hem of the dress trailing behind me every time I walked around in it (I guess the look got at least one male creature chasing after me)

As I’ve said before, one of my mottos is to to enjoy looking like a princess but not act like one.

– M




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