My Current Writing Projects

I am currently trying my best to continue my blogging amidst other writing projects that I am working on simultaneously. One is writing my own book and the other one is translating a book that has already been published in another language. This is of course also doing my best to keep up with the two book clubs I’ve been a part of.

How do I do it? Prioritizing and really making the best out of the cracks of time I have between clients I have at the office and other things I do throughout the day. I have also have decided to take a break from dancing (with the exception of a few fun drop-in classes occasionally) until the book writing has ceased.

One of the book clubs I belong to we don’t all get together in person to meet and discuss the book whereas the other one does. So naturally, I prioritize reading the in-person meeting book club reads over the other book club reading list (which I admittedly will need to catch up on later after the book writing is done).

Likewise, the translation work has official deadlines whereas my own personal book writing does not (though I have set a timeline for when I do plan on finishing it so I have set my own deadline for it).

A few months ago, I heard a talk about how the word “deadline” has the word “dead” in it and how it makes people feel dreadful about finishing work in time for it. It’s interesting that to the contrary, I am thriving on these projects and feel rather alive. So rather than thinking of it as a “deadline” I think of it as a “lifeline.”

I feel like I have a purpose. Being a single woman comes with the freedom to spend more time and energy to do such things but it admittedly can also feel lonely or empty if you feel like you have no one else or nothing to live for.

I am extra excited about working on my own book so even if it’s a small section a day, I feel driven to be diligent about typing it out in the nascent stage it’s in at the moment. And it’s easy to make time for something you’re excited about.

Even if the translation work isn’t necessarily as exciting, it’s still an honor for me to have been asked to do it. Feeling proud of that is also a great sensation to have. Oh, and in one of the original books I am photographed in it. So that’s something brag-worthy too!

I have continued to blog fairly consistently at a rate of on average about two entries a month. I don’t make a living from blogging at the moment so there isn’t an immediate dire need for me to be publishing every day or week. Thankfully, it also allows the freedom for me to really write about things I want to write about whenever I feel like writing about them. Even writing this particular entry, the words just come out naturally.

Mind you, this is all in addition to the journaling I do EVERY night before I go to bed and the consistent letter-writing I do for family and friends. I never really thought of myself as a writer but if I didn’t like writing, I probably wouldn’t be able to do so much of it.

The writing and reading has also given me the serenity, the opportunity to really enjoy “me time” and love who I am on my own. I’ve jokingly put it as the year of choosing books over boys at times, but it’s also been a time of healing quietly on my own.

It only seems natural that I would be attracted to reading other people’s works just as much as I enjoy writing my own stuff.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 5.42.35 PMFor this month the meeting-in-person book club is reading The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin

It’s more than three weeks before we’re actually meeting for the next book club meeting to discuss the book but I ended up finishing the novel today because it was just one of those novels where I wanted to keep finding out what happens next.

It will give me more time to finish my own writing and get hitting some of the other books waiting to be read!

– M




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