My Slightly Embarrassing Realization

In my previous blog entry, one of the looks I sported was the stripped dress with the lace detail. I just hung a dress I wore today back in the closet only to realize that the same elements are present …. and while in my defense, the color of the lace detail and the shade of the stripes are different but the color scheme is subtly similar too…. Behold:

Granted that I did play around with a filter which ended up making the right photo even more similar in mood to the left photo,  this is what happens when you like what you like. It shouldn’t be too surprising as I have also blogged about having gloves, fascinators, shoes or cardigans I love in different colors. And I actually do own two dresses of the same exact style in two different colors too.

So while I don’t own multiple pairs of jeans or t-shirts to pair and wear as most people do, I too am guilty of doing it on a similar scale at times with my wardrobe pieces.

People have a tendency to do that in other parts of their lives. Many of us enjoy watching movies with certain actors we like. I get teased about not getting tired of eating the same delicious breakfast everyday (unless I’m traveling and staying at a place without a kitchen or on special brunch outings).

So while I encourage people to experience the joy of exploring new things, learning what you really like is simply part of the journey too and when you find something you do like embrace it and enjoy it.






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