My French-Inspired Spring Fashion

While I love Modern Vintage fashion, I also like to throw in steampunk style flares with a hint of Victorian here and there. It might be my love for Victorian architecture but there’s something lovely about lacy details.

And spring always brings out the lovely in pastels. So I recently did a fun purchase of this fascinator which I thought would go well with one of my Marie Antoinette shoes (that’s what I call shoes that I feel like I would wear if I were her).

IMG_0284 2

Oh, and if the skirt I’m wearing looks familiar, it’s because I wore it in the photo shoot I had with photographer James Mancusi about three years ago (some of the other looks I sported for that shoot can also be viewed on my home page website) which was also inspired by my francophilia and steampunk fashion.


I also decided to do one dress purchase for the season and ended up being attracted to the lace detail in this charming striped dress:


It’s a bit cottage charm meets tea time. It was also reminiscent of the nautical theme I came up with for my bathroom when I moved to my current home almost two years ago (hence, I am standing on top of the bathroom rug in the photo).

The stripes give it a more clean look while the lace adds a feminine flare and creates a well-balanced look. It’s hard to see it in the photo, but the shoes I’m wearing also have a similar stripe pattern with the adorable button charms as an accent.

I love to wear skirts and dresses all year round but spring does bring out the extra flounce of fun.

Strut it!




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