My Berkeley Hat Co. Visit

I’ve always wanted to visit the hat shop in Berkeley. And yesterday, I was able to cross that item off my list!


Oh hat heaven~

The first one I sported was a bucket style derby hat that reminded me of a similar hat I have with a slightly narrower rim. Click here to buy a similar blue hat


I was also sporting yellow so I decided to go a bit princessy yellow and tried on what I would imagine Belle from the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast” would wear to a derby. In fact, I did stop by the Berkeley Public Library right before that so I may have gotten a few Belle referenced comments (and some of you know how much I love leisure reading).

Because of the lighting, the hat probably appears a bit more paler but if you are looking to getting a similar hat it is in fact light yellow (lemon yellow).

And this is what I would wear to a picnic:

Click here to buy an identical hat I found online

The straw hat photo is instagram-ized as I am still experimenting with the new phone (yes, it is now 2016 and I am a first time owner of a smart phone). If you are so inclined to follow me on that site as well, my username is monalisamoon0531.


And if you are interested in visiting the Berkeley Hat Co in person, it was in fact located conveniently in front of a bus stop and is also on Telegraph alongside other fun shops.

While I didn’t take photos (but should have) I also got to enjoy a flavor of the gourmet ghetto neighborhood part of Berkeley and enjoyed a slice of pizza at the famous Cheeseboard Collective. They only have one kind of pizza a day so it does make it easier for those that are ordering. It started off just as a cheese shop so you can’t go wrong with eating pizza made by a place that specializes in cheese! (The “Collective” consists of a pizzeria, bakery and cheese shop now)

So wherever you may go, enjoy and carpe diem!






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