My Virtual Closet Sale #2

My previous virtual closet sale led to inquiries about more items so I decided to continue with a part II with just two more dresses I am willing to sell.

I do love my dresses and have at times been in tune with my inner child spirit of still wanting to wear dresses that I would have loved wearing as a little girl. For anyone who would like to wear such dresses to match outfits with their own little daughter these may just do the trick~

Click here to buy the dress

I wore the cream colored lace dress as my Halloween costume of being a wedding flower girl (which I briefly explained in my Halloween blog posting. But it can also be a cute dress to wear for Christmas or Easter too.

The other dress that would be a perfect Christmas dress is this red number (an occasion for which I have worn it). A shot of me wearing the dress was snapped by photographer John Carmen a few years ago. Don’t ask me about the face…


Click here to buy the red dress

Again, all of my items that are on sale have been dry-cleaned since being worn. When it comes to my wardrobe in general, I tend to go for quality rather than quantity. So likewise, I am selling only a few select items.

Get ’em while you can!





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