My Virtual Closet Sale

I have recently started selling some of my items that have been featured in my previous blog entries on eBay. So at this time, I am extending my closet sale to all you blog readers as well! All the dresses have been taken to my regular dry cleaning place since being worn.

My “Birthday Suit” 2014 (from the blog entry I posted August 24th of 2014) I just never wore it a second time and figured it needed to go in the “let go” pile.

Click here to buy the sequin dress

These shoes have also just never been worn much and are definitely not your average Mary Janes! I posted the right bottom photo to show that the shoes have these dainty key charms hanging from the heel. If you go to attractive you’ll be able to buy them brand new for $40.95 so consider buying them at a discounted price 😉

Click here to buy my Mary Jane shoes

As a lover of modern vintage fashion, I was delighted to see the peplum style become trendy again in 2013. I have worn this one only a handful of times and do think it would make for a perfect courthouse or modest vintage style wedding dress paired with a gorgeous white fascinator.

Click here to buy the white peplum dress

The fuchsia bandage dress below is the perfect dress for clubbing without looking too cheap (or slutty). It would also make for a great dress to meet up with friends for a drink at a bar if that’s your thing. And yes, the zipper does go down all the way – which does make it the perfect dress for stripping out of for that special someone! How appropriate that this one was my very first “birthday suit” I got for myself when I started the birthday suit tradition…

Click here to buy the fuchsia bandage dress

I have loved attending black tie parties and this one would actually make for a great alternative to a traditional wedding dress but would also be an extra gorgeous prom dress option.

Click here to buy the print La Femme gown

The dress featured in my blog entry from September 7th of last year

Click here to buy the peacock dress

Happy shopping, y’all!



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