My Top 3 Celebrity Idols

My previous blog entry was about Oscar-worthy films in anticipation of this year’s Oscar awards. And when I did watch the award show, I was once again impressed by Lady Gaga’s performance of “Til It Happens to You” (her Sound of Music tribute performance at last year’s Oscars was excellent too, of course!) She is one of my “top 3 celebrity idols” so I wanted to take the time to openly express my appreciation for her alongside my other two choices: Ellen Degeneres and Clinton Kelly.

Lady Gaga

I did pay tribute to Lady Gaga by being her for Halloween in 2009 when she was quite the popular choice for Halloween costume that year. It was the year she wore the meat dress
but I particularly loved her wetsuit outfit she came out of the swimming pool in the “Poker Face” music video so I made my own version of it.

She’s obviously made quite a few fashion statements over the years and has become iconic but like her music (which I also love) she is never afraid to reinvent her style or be what she wants to be in that moment. I also admire her advocacy of anti-bullying, LGBT rights and her latest performance tribute at the Oscars of standing up against rape on college campuses.

And like the causes that are dear to her heart, I love seeing the passion and commitment she puts into all of her artistic endeavors (if you have seen any of her music videos you will agree with me that they are quite the production)

Ellen Degeneres

As an openly lesbian woman, Ellen Degeneres is also someone who has advocated LGBT rights and constantly reminds her show audiences to “be kind to one another.” However, I admit that what I came to love about her first and foremost was the ability she had to make me laugh. And even her sense of humor is “kind” in that she manages to not offend or put down people in order to make people laugh unlike a lot of other comedians out there. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I love a good hearty laughter and genuinely believe that it’s one of the best medicines.Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.39.21 PM.png

Dancing is also a great way to feel great, so I love that she always makes sure she and the show audience members make time to do that on the show.

And while Oprah Winfrey is famous for when she used to give away extravagant gifts to the audience members, I love that on Ellen’s shows she not only is generous with her gifts but is also humorously thoughtful when it comes to gifts she gives her show guests making sure they don’t ever forget her by having her face/or name on the personalized items.

I look forward to reading her book Seriously… I’m Kidding in the near future.

Clinton Kelly

Clinton Kelly may not be as well known as Lady Gaga or Ellen Degeneres. Like Ellen Degeneres he is in fact an openly gay daytime show host (he is one of the co-hosts on one of my favorite daytime shows The Chew on ABC and has previously co-hosted “What Not to Wear” with Stacy London).

But like Lady Gaga I admire his versatility that I’ve come to see on The Chew. Most of the other co-hosts of The Chew are primarily celebrity chefs but Clinton Kelly really makes the show “not just another cooking show” with his showcase of fashion, crafting, table setting/interior decoration, game hosting and his occasional singing and dance performances (in addition to his cooking abilities and specialization in cocktail making).

He is clearly the best moderator out of all the hosts and would definitely be co-host on The Chew as Whoopie Goldberg is on The View (the similarity of the show names have continued to be made fun of coinciding with the shows both airing on ABC one right after the other).

All three people in this blog posting have the commonality of being true to who they are (genuine) and are role models to me for simply having the courage of not being afraid to be so.

While I am not nearly as famous as any of these people are, I have received my share of criticism at times as a blogger or a model and even in my “more private life” as a dancer, martial artist or a healthcare provider. Some people think it’s impressive that I am able to be/do all these things (the versatility characteristic that I admire in my celebrity idols).

But it’s fair to say that I too cringe when I look back at some of the work I’ve done whether it’s some of the early modeling photos I’ve taken or blog entries I’ve written that weren’t as good. The important thing is to not let perfection be the enemy and keep practicing. As the saying goes, it’s all part of enjoying the journey.

And between my personal fashion choices or the variety when it comes to blog posting subjects, I love not being afraid to freely choose what I want to choose in that moment. If I were to limit myself to being a fashion blogger who blogs only about modern vintage fashion, it would quickly become much more difficult for me to be as prolific of a blogger because that means I wouldn’t get to blog about all the other things I want to blog about.

Here’s to finding all the different sides of you and being able to showcase that – Here’s to being YOU



“Dare to be different!” (message written inside the card)






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