My Take on Brooklyn (the film)

I got tickets at the box office for a viewing of the Star Wars movie but instead wandered into the theater playing Brooklyn. This is where I tend to go off the well-trodden path and  go exploring something else that catches my eye.

The fashion from the 1950’s was as gorgeous as I thought it would be. I myself was already sporting the look in attending the cinema that night, of course.

As the film took place partially in Ireland, the main character Eilis seemed to sport the color green several times in the film as if to pay homage to her home country, including a green coat and a green one-piece bathing suit she purchased while in New York.

In paying homage to the film, I would like to dedicate the following looks to celebrate the 50’s fashion that was showcased.

My Inspiration: The green coat Eilis sported several times in the film


(photo credit: Kerry Brown/2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation from

My Take: Green hat instead of green coat. White and other neutral colors do allow the green to radiate so that would be my personal recommendation for the dress/outfit to wear underneath the coat as well as the color of the coat.

Click here to buy the green fascinator hat I’m wearing

My Inspiration: Eilis got herself a bathing suit for her beach date with Tony, which she later wore again when she went on another beach outing back in Ireland.


photo courtesy of accrediting Eric Kowalski/Pacific Coast News

My Take: Pink instead of a green one-piece bathing suit. These shots were taken by photographer Jon LesDeux about two years ago.

Here is a similar style one-piece bathing suit in green (like the one in the film).

I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen the film by revealing details or the ending of the film. But I highly recommend watching it while it’s still playing in the theaters and sincerely hope it does well at the Oscars this year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find out until after I watched the movie that the film is actually based on the novel by Colm Toibin. Click here to buy the novel Brooklyn

However, whether it’s a novel or a film, I do like the theme of finding one’s true home or true love that feels like home. With that said…

Remember to EXPLORE & ENJOY the journey




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