Clever Storage Ideas ~Holiday Edition~

Some of you may recall an easy DIY (no assembly required) bookshelf idea I shared in a posting earlier this year.

I have decided to share a few helpful storage ideas for the holidays in the spirit of giving one a gift that keeps on giving!

1. Rings & Earrings – Take out the paper cups lining the Ferrero Rocher chocolate box you got during the holidays and you have yourself a jewelry organizer box. The circles are perfect sizes for these small pieces of accessories.

Click here to buy the same Ferrero Rocher box of chocolates (with the chocolates still intact)

2. Cupcakes & Cupcake liner cups – As I bake regularly, I purchase boxes and boxes of these cupcake paper liner cups and have found that these boxes they come in are the perfect size for transporting individual homemade cupcakes to take to people. In turn, I store the paper liner cups inside a cylinder-shaped tea canister that used to have tea bags inside. Some of you may recognize the tea canister from the purchase I made at the grand opening of Redemption that I posted about earlier this year.

Click here to buy the boxes of the cupcake liners I use

3. Chicken broth (or any kind of broth) – This time of the year, I like to bake the seasonal honey-baked ham sold at Trader Joe’s weekly and use the left carcass/bone to make a big batch of broth (and the rest of the year I make chicken broth as mentioned in a previous blog entry on how to make chicken broth). I pour the broth into the silicone ice cube making trays so that I can pop them out whenever I want to use them. I love the silicone ones because they form the perfect cube-shaped ice cubes and they’re easy to pop them out.IMG_1431

Click here to buy a silicone ice tray similar to mine

The holidays can be overwhelming and stressful for a lot of people so hopefully knowing how to store things will help make your life a little less chaotic and more organized!

The other tip I have to prevent an overwhelm of receiving so many new things as gifts (especially this time of the year) is to do a pre-cleanse of old things that you want to get rid of and make a trip to the Goodwill truck or the Salvation Army to donate them. In fact, I do this at least monthly all year long. It will prevent the problem of not having enough room for the new things coming in and general hoarding.

Happy holidays!





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