My Big Magic (Halloween Style)

I recently read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Though she is famously known for her book Eat Pray Love, I have yet to read the book (I admit I did watch the movie). I watched an interview of her conducted by Marie Folero about Big Magic and I loved some of the ideas she discussed in the interview so much that I went ahead and got the book. (I will share the youtube video of the interview at the end of this blog entry)

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.12.57 PM Click to buy Big Magic

One of the concepts Elizabeth Gilbert talks about in Big Magic is the belief she has from some fascinating personal experience that creative ideas can be transferred over to another person if you decide to not do anything with an idea you may have had so that the idea can be realized by someone else.

I have mentioned my fellow fashion blogger friend Muse Meileena a few times now in my blogs and I have also mentioned how we have found ourselves sometimes going to an event together coincidentally with some style coincidence that we refer to as Style Soul Sisterhood. She just recently dedicated a whole blog entry featuring me as the first person to be part of her Muse Mondays blog series.

I also have another creative soul sister Jess, whose makeup job can be seen in many of the modeling photos that are on my homepage. To this day. I let her “play” with my face for her creativity to take place. And this is what she came up with last week:


It was to practice for a Book of Life-themed birthday party she had been asked to do the makeup for. Before I paid Jess the visit on which this makeup job occurred, the only plan on the agenda was to eat Indian food and catch up. Needless to say, this was a complete spur of the moment decision. However, I had coincidentally worn my red rose in my hair that day when I went to go see her and we both realized how perfect it went in completing the look.

I then realized that Muse Meileena had done a similar look for her Day of the Dead Halloween costume last year around the same time with her boyfriend Eli:

IMG_7214 IMG_8539

To clarify, this is not the look I will be sporting for Halloween this year, though it would be a cool look to incorporate into the costume I already have planned, especially with the flower element being there and all.

However, here’s how creative interpretation can also be different and unique from person to person. I will be joining my friend Cindy in being a “flower girl” for the occasion this year. Her take on a flower girl is to be the hippie flower girl from the groovy days of the 1960’s/70’s while mine is to be a flower girl that throws flower petals from a basket at a wedding.

I always had dreamt of being a flower girl back when I was of a flower girl-appropriate age but never got the chance to be one. So I figured this would be the perfect excuse to be whatever I want to be for Halloween! Coincidentally, our mutual friend Jackie (whom I also mentioned in a previous blog entry) was an actual flower for Halloween a few years ago. A daisy to be exact.

As Elizabeth Gilbert mentioned in her book, we have choices when it comes to exploring our creative sides and embracing them and embracing other people’s creativity that sometimes might parallel yours. Most things have already been done but that doesn’t mean you should let that stop you from creating things and even when we “try” to do something similar to others we all put our own unique essence to it. And so I believe that we shouldn’t be jealous or angry at each other from creative soul to creative soul. The only time we should be angry is at ourselves for not taking the opportunity to create when you truly want to create something. Though anger can sometimes fuel creativity too!

I may post another blog entry sharing the outcome of my flower girl costume. In the meanwhile, here’s the interview between Marie Folero and Elizabeth Gilbert that I think is worth enjoying with a cup of pumpkin spice tea or whatever seasonal hot beverage of your choice may be.

Happy Halloween!

– M


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