Look Like a Princess But Don’t Act Like One (Cinderella version inspired by Tiffany’s)

While I didn’t wear glass slippers to the Avant-Rage fashion show, the venue was held at the Glass House in downtown San Jose. And I still felt Cinderella-esque in the sparkly shoes given to me by Muse Meileena (which I featured in a previous blog posting) and the overall sparkly accessorizing I did that day to match.

In my previous posting, I also mentioned Audrey Hepburn’s sleepwear fashion in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s and was also inspired to go Tiffany blue, though I didn’t actually sport any Tiffany jewelry or diamonds to the event (I confess that diamonds have never particularly been my “best friend” and even less after watching the film Blood Diamond). Those are self-adhesive rhinestones in my hair and tights! I do usually wear a piece or two that have been given to me by Muse Meileena whenever I attend one of her events (you may recognize the shoes from the post celebrating her birthday)
Click here to buy the dress I’m wearing
Muse Meileena and I coincidentally were style soul sisters once again, and by chance both wore the same color scheme with the sparkly accents (minus the cool headwear she was sporting by the designer of the night Atzi)


IMG_1173During the show, I got to sit next to jewelry designer Solange (not to confuse her with Beyonce’s sister) who sported her one of her very own creations to the event that day.
Like the necklace she was wearing, she says most of her jewelry has a tribal look to it (though we spoke French to each other as she had moved to the states from France, she’s originally from the ivory coast of Africa).
The head pieces showcased at the show that night were also very much tribal-looking.
I did think the idea of suspending some of the sample pieces from the ceiling for people to pose with was a wonderful idea.
The makeup done that day to complete the looks were done by my friend & makeup artist Tamiko Carrillo. There was definitely some body painting going on as well!
Some of these white color schemed looks looked bridal gone tribal.
And my personal favorite was the mermaid & sea creature looks:
If Cruella De Ville from 101 Dalmations were to go tribal, I would imagine she would look something like this:
And I did get a chance to get closer-up shots of the makeup job later on:
IMG_1233 IMG_1234
As the night got colder, I did end up putting on the shawl I brought with me (also purchased at one of Muse Meileena’s closet sales) to complete the a more winter wonderland-esque look:IMG_1238
IMG_1162I did in fact come home around midnight but did not leave a shoe behind. Though when I went to go use the restroom at the Glass House, I did take these photos of the artsy walls (the one with the shoes is actually the wall of the bathroom doors if you look carefully enough)


Whether it’s bathroom walls or makeup and headpieces on the runway, art can be found in numerous places!

Wishing everyone an artful autumn,



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