Happy Birthday Muse Meileena

I share the same birthday week as fellow Leo fashionista Muse Meileena who has made appearances in a few of my previous fashion blog postings. Her birthday party was held at Studio-Fab in Oakland where I had the opportunity to meet photographer Leon Saperstein, lingerie designer Stephanie Bodnar of Evgenia, clothing dsigners Amy Wong and Anya Ignatyeva of Theia Grazi.

Here is Muse Meileena and I posing with our Evgenia corsets, which we wore over our dresses:


Without taking the corset off, I also went a little pirate/bohemian with Theia Grazi clothing (which I also wore over my dress):



I then went to San Francisco the same week with Muse Meileena to attend a Fit Shop that one of my favorite companies ModCloth set up temporarily. If you’ve been reading my blog entries, I do a great majority of my online shopping at Modcloth (well, I also do most of my shopping online so that should speak volumes).


And once we’re inside, this is what it looked like:


Muse Meileena and I honored each other fashionably that day. She wore matching gloves and a hat to mimic my style while I sported the purse I got from her without knowing when I grabbed it at a clothing swap we both attended + the hat I bought from her closet sale.
Needless to say, we had SO MUCH fun taking photos outside our dressing rooms.
In the photo below, Muse Meileena is wearing the Scholars’ Soiree Dress and I’m wearing the Light and Visionary Dress but with the Filigree Finishing Touch Belt. The floral look:

We went navy blue in this one and put back on our hats (Muse Meileena is in the With Only a Wink Dress and I’m in the Roving Reporter Dress):


We went with a red accent in this set with me wearing on top of my dress the Paris Cafe Cardigan (you’ve seen me wear it in previous blog entries in other colors since I own them in black and yellow) while Muse Meileena is in the Bonbon Nuit Dress.


I went yellow in the Biking Through Brussels Dress:IMG_1078

While the purple shoes I had on that day went well with everything else I wore that day, I must have been a bit biased when it came to wearing it with a dress also in that favorite color of mine. I also don’t own a maxi dress and am generally not a fan of them so this would be a first like moment for me (though the hem is a high to low so it’s not a pure maxi dress). Here I am in the Peachy Queen Dress!

IMG_1069I went red and white pairing the My Byline of Work Dress wit the I Glam HardlyBelieve It Blazer I wore over the My Byline of Work Dress:


I already looked a bit detective that day in the outfit I came in, but wearing the East Coast Tour Coat really topped it off:

IMG_1082Lastly, I couldn’t help trying on the Proud Panache heels since I own the ever-loved closed-toed version of the shoes. The downside is that there aren’t any half sizes (which is a bummer for me since I am a 7.5 in shoe size usually) so this is me wearing a loosely-fitting pair in size 8 (below). At least I had painted my toe nails in a matching color, coincidentally!


Muse Meileena and I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying lunch and tea at Samovar’s in the Yerba Buena Gardens, visiting Stephanie of Evgenia again (the lingerie designer i met at Muse Meileena’s birthday party) and designer Kajan Cake at the San Francisco Fashion Incubator building to check out more of their work. The weather was gorgeous!


And you know what else is gorgeous? The pair of Night Moves heels Muse Meileena gifted me with at the end of the day. It was a Cinderella moment indeed when I put them on.


Every woman deserves to feel beautiful whether it’s on her birthday or on the other days in between. So I believe in having a few pieces that make you feel even more beautiful. But every woman should have other girlfriends they can share the fun with. So thank you, Muse Meileena – for being that friend whom I can share fashion fun with to the fullest.

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