My Birthday Suit 2015

As some of you may recall from my posting last year, I thought that a birthday suit was an actual outfit until I was on the verge of turning 24 years old. My tradition has been that I buy myself a “birthday suit” every year as a birthday gift to myself. Interestingly, I went with the light pink and silver beading combination again this year so I guess I like what I like! Though instead of a dress, I went with a romper this year:


As there is a lot of detailing around the collar area, it’s best to keep your hair up in order to be able to showcase all that. I went to Salsa class for a bit that night and I have to say that it was quite fun to do shoulder shimmies in this outfit.

Unfortunately, this item is out of stock on the website I got it from at the moment. And as it a London-based designer most websites that sell it also sells it in that country’s currency (which also means overseas shipping). But it is still out there if you really want it! Search for the brand Lace & Beads.

When wearing this piece one should definitely keep in mind that the underwear worn underneath should be seamless and in skin tone. Though I may even wear it with tights in the colder weather months (in which case the underwear situation would matter less)

Since the color scheme was similar to last year’s birthday suit, I could have worn the same silver shoes with it and all to accent the silver beading, but I decided to go with a pair of my loved cream-colored unicorn heels by Jeffery Campbell and bring out the girly aura to balance out the romper part of the outfit.

I also opted out of wearing a fascinator this time to bring out the detail of the collar area shine through since this year I was dressing around the romper piece instead of dressing around the fascinator like I did last year. Sometimes less is more!

If you want to also get a great recommendation for matching nails, I used The New Black nail polish in the Glimmer Twins pack (pink prankster is the color combo):

Picture 1

The glittery layer went on top of the more matte color and I topped that all off with a clear coating for extra protection.

I look forward to another fashionably fun year ahead,



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