How to Not Dread Turning 30

I’m not 30 … yet. In fact, I’m not even 29 yet. Like many people, I used to dread the idea of aging. As a woman you often see or hear references to how woman who are younger are perceived as being more physically attractive and that it diminishes over time.

Around the time I turned 28, I really started looking back at my last ten years since becoming a legal adult and became increasingly content about how I’ve lived my life so far.

On Accomplishments

I started my own business in the medical field of helping others, overcame my fear of being photographed by becoming a model, cultivated wonderful new friendships/relationships while learning to let go of some, learned how to dance, celebrated a 20 year milestone of continuing to train in the martial arts I started as a little girl and gained respect in a man’s world, etc. The list goes on of all that I am proud of myself for accomplishing.

While I didn’t start a Fortune 500 company or land the cover of Sports Illustrated, I am proud because I was able to accomplish what I personally wanted to accomplish and more.

The funny thing is, people will often say “I’m too young” as an excuse for not doing things just as much as they use “I’m too old” for also not doing things. This goes for achieving success in our love lives, careers, etc.

On Happiness

I think a key difference between people who are happy vs. those who aren’t is that people who are happy have a “I get to” mindset whereas unhappy people have a “I have to” mindset when it comes to doing things. Take this example:

“I get to go to work” (I’m grateful to have a job)
“I have to go to work” (I hate my job)

The same can be said for other everyday things we do in life whether it’s going to the gym or picking up the kids from school. One would quickly realize how wonderful it is to be able to do these seemingly normal things if we suddenly couldn’t anymore.

And it’s no wonder that those who have trouble accomplishing seemingly ordinary things will have a tendency struggle if they aim to do the extraordinary.

Happiness = Success

It’s fair to say that our success can be measured by happiness. I finally “got to” start reading the classic “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and there was that chapter in there about a little girl who insisted “I am happiness” all the while her mother was trying to correct the sentence by telling her that what she meant to say was “I am happy.” The first one definitely implies that one already comes happy and is ready to spread the joy whereas the second one sounds more like a chain reaction to something making you happy.
Picture 1
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So perhaps from now on, I will say that I “get to” be happiness – no matter what age. Now that is an accomplishment on its own worthy of you being proud of.



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