My Take on Wedding Guest Fashion

Some of you are aware that this isn’t actually the first blog entry of mine on an outfit I wore to a wedding. The first one was called “My Birthday Suit” This Year as I had bought myself the outfit as a birthday gift to myself last year.

Though it’s more of a summery climate at the moment in California, IMG_0856I decided to go with a springy color scheme and included a light blue accent to my grey shift dress(which was paired up with the yellow cardigan in this previous blog entry on Fifty Shades of Grey).

You may also recognize the hat and shoes from my other previous entry on the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection Exhibit.

In fact, the only new item I was wearing is the cardigan. While I enjoy getting myself new items every month, I believe it’s worth it to come up with different ways of wearing the same pieces as you would do with cooking different dishes with some of the same ingredients you’ve already used in previous dishes.

You may be able to tell from the difference between the photo of me wearing the cardigan and the photos (below) of the cardigan on the website where I purchased it from, but the cardigan is definitely more vivid in person than it appears on the website photos.

Picture 6

Click here to buy the cardigan

I did sport a statement necklace in pastel blue and peach that complimented the color scheme. Since the clothing items I wore didn’t have loud prints or other ornaments of the sort, the statement necklace doesn’t clash. As the neckline of the dress is also a V shape the V-shaped draping of the necklace also works well.

As of now, I do not have any plans of attending more weddings for the rest of the year so it may be a while before I post another blog posting on this particular topic. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have other fashion postings that include looks that you could very well get inspiration from for great looks to wear to a wedding. June is also a month for graduation so consider these looks for other appropriate occasions.

Here’s to celebrating in style!

– M


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