Easy DIY Project: Stackable Bookshelves

Since moving into my new home nine months ago, I’ve been gradually acquiring new items such as furniture. I’ve also been doing a lot of leisure reading, and though I’ve been able to manage the numbers in the collection (giving some away after reading them helps) I decided to find a better way to store them:


This way, when I do move again I won’t have to remove the books from a book shelf into a box because it’s already inside a crate – I just have to turn it open side up!

Though I bought this at a Cost Plus World Market (it’s called the Sebastian Crate and is not sold online but you can take a look on their website here where it’s listed)

But if you do want more options that can be purchased online, here’s one that fits vinyl records perfectly too:

Picture 1
Click here to buy Wooden Storage Crate

I think these also make for the perfect solution for storing cookbooks in the kitchen, especially if you’re going for the slightly rustic or country look.

If you have the right tools and supplies you could also go to a local Home Depot store and buy cheaper regular wooden crates that are unfinished (meaning, you would have to sand them and stain them yourself).

You could also go the other direction and go to a store like Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn and spend more money on something similar to what I got. Though I did recently splurge on a lovely tufted storage bed from Pottery Barn so I am definitely going for that look while making sure things are also utilitarian!

Happy reading & decorating,



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