At the Grand Opening of Redemption

I love downtown Campbell and had the opportunity of meeting the people behind the newly opened boutique store Redemption prior to the grand opening as they were setting up the display window in preparation for the big day. So I did indeed return for the grand opening night and this was the aftermath:IMG_0802To coordinate with the other birthday gift I had already gotten from my sister (an umbrella with bicycle prints on it), I got the hypoallergenic bicycle necklace and the canister of White Sage & Wild Mint tea for myself. Like all of their other items in the store, they are locally sourced and often made from upcycled materials (hence the name “Redemption”).
The tea contains white sage, organic mint and wild mint but almost felt (smelled) like a lavender tea gone minty. It was $13 for the 20 bags of it inside the canister, which is about the higher end price tag you would pay at a Whole Foods.
Here is a glimpse of what the inside of the store looks like:
I wanted to make sure I got a shot of the back of the store where you can see the map curtains serving as the changing rooms. As you can see, there’s plenty of things geared towards men at the store too. IMG_0801
And here is the lovely duo behind this store:
Their sense of style definitely reflects the overall mood of the store – a bit earthy and modern.

As for my choice of attire that day, I decided to show up a bit sunflowery! Here’s a photo of me photographed in front of the store:
IMG_0808The cardigan you may recognize from previous postings of me sporting it with the yellow pillbox hat. I recently bought the black version of it too:
Picture 1                          Picture 7
Click here to buy the yellow cardigan            Click here to buy the black cardigan
I suppose it would be my interpretation of being a bit Earthy-looking. And whether you are looking for Mother Earth-friendly products or baby gifts for a new mother (or mother-to-be) the store pretty much has a little something for everyone. I will most likely try some of their skin products the next time I go shopping here.

Pay them a visit:

241A E Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008

Happy shopping,



5 thoughts on “At the Grand Opening of Redemption

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  3. Very racist vibe upon entering this store.
    Being an African American professional who has lived in this area before most of these workers were even born.
    The workers greeted everyone in the store(white) except for me.
    When the worker saw me she seemed to be more inquisitive asking me where I was from in a suspicious manner instead of welcoming me as a patron on the store.
    Then when the other kid who by his accent isnt from this country – Probably UK – he kepts looking at me as I was in the dressing room.
    Peaking as if he thought I would be trying to steal something.
    The clothing looks like something one would find at a flea market or second hand store anyways.
    Scale 1-10 this place gets 1.
    I will not be returning and recommend others to not support this business.

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