My Take on Baby Shower Fashion

If the title of this blog entry seems familiar, it’s probably because it’s a bit sequential to the popular blog posting “My Take on Bridal Shower” I posted not too long ago. The outcome for this round:


You could potentially wear something you would wear to a bridal shower to a baby shower. Though I did wear a dress to the baby shower that was close to the color white, so wearing that color to a wedding-related event would have probably not been as appropriate. While the dress is no longer sold in that color, it does come in other varieties still:

Picture 8
Click here to buy fuchsia dress                         Click here to buy green dress

And while the white colored version was more understated and went well with the fascinator I was wearing, these other two colors are much more stronger so you would ideally want to pair them up with a fascinator or a hair accessory that matches/compliments its vibrance.

Here is a fuchsia flower fascinator that would add a subtle pizzazz to the fuchsia dress while the teal one would also probably match the green dress (though I would consider taking a few of the black feathers out):

Picture 6Picture 10
Click to buy fuchsia fascinator            Click to buy green/black fascinator

To accent the black feathers in the darker green fascintator and break the matching color scheme, I would probably choose to wear black heels to go with either combinations (fuchsia or dark green). AND you can also mix and match by pairing the fuchsia dress with the green fascinator instead (and viser versa) if you want to mix it up a bit.

The inspiration behind me choosing the light green fascinator hat I chose that day was because I thought it looked like a shower cap or one of those vintage swimming caps and figured that’s what I’ll wear to a baby “shower.” It’s also the month of April with spring flowers blooming, and the flower cut-outs of the dress would go well with a flower embellishment of some kind up on top of the head. To those of you who were interested in purchasing the one I was wearing, it is a genuine vintage piece I purchased on Etsy (it also came label-less so I don’t know the make) … and I grabbed the one and only – sorry!

My outfit definitely screams spring while the other colors the dress comes in (above) would be better-suited for a tropical destination wedding in the vibrant summer months. I did find floral headbands that come in different colors that reminded me of the light green fascinator I sported and a dress that would go well with pretty much any of them but I personally would choose the orange one to go with it because it wouldn’t look too unicorn-fairy like and would also give you a great option for a warm autumn weather (Indian summer) look.

Picture 6Picture 1
Click to buy Flower Headband              Click here to buy cream dress

I also came across from one of my recent favorite pantyhose brand selection these maternity pantyhose that I would personally get if I were pregnant since tights are such a staple in my wardrobe. So while most pregnant women are well-insulated, if I felt that I needed extra coverage and warmth, I would probably throw these on so I can continue to wear my dresses and skirts since I only own one pair of dress pants.

Picture 5 Picture 1
Click here to buy MeMoi Maternity Opaque Tights With Underbelly Support Band

These pantyhose come in either brown and black. And if I were to go with the more autumn color scheme of the orange floral hairband and the dress I posted next to it, I would go with pairing it up with brown pantyhose and orange shoes or orange pantyhose and brown shoes.

The shoes I wore are by Poetic License and the gloves are by Jeanne Simmons, both of which are reoccurring brands in my wardrobe. The matching gloves and the matching accent in the shoes might be a bit more advanced level (especially for the light green color I went with) so the recommendations I put into this entry are a bit more basic. The matchy-matchy thing also becomes an overkill sometimes, especially if you’re wearing a matching colored dress (in my case the dress color was different from the accent/accessories color).

Whether you are the expecting mother or the friends and family members that are being supportive of the expectant mother, I hope I was able to sprinkle a little bit of fairy dust your way!

– M


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