My Vineyard Adventures

Once again, I stumbled upon some beautiful places – this time vineyards!

I had lunch with a girlfriend of mine this past weekend and was asked to meet her at Café Garré, which ended up being an Italian restaurant on the premises of a winery in Livermore. As it was such a beautiful day out, most people chose to sit outside (if you were lucky enough to get a seat outside).

The restaurant is very proud that they make their own bread there and you get to enjoy some as you wait for your food to arrive. There is a separate building nearby for wine tasting but you can have the wines in the restaurant too so the way I see it, you should just go to the restaurant so you can enjoy both the food and the wine.


If you have been an avid reader of my blog, you may recognize the dress & hat I’m wearing in the photo above (taken in front of Café Garré) from the blog entry I wrote on How to Dress for a Hat; The peacock pumps I keep wearing from the blog entry on My Favorite Things; The purse from the blog on My Take on Bridal Shower Fashion.

I also met up with another girlfriend up in Fairfield and had some time to spare prior to meeting up with her so I wandered around the area in my car and stumbled upon GV Cellars.

IMG_0747The balcony I spent a majority of my time lounging at is visible to the top right. And the breathtaking view of the vineyard with Jack rabbits running around and the Sound of Music-eque green hills rolling in the background was not done justice in this photo I took from the balcony:

IMG_0749As you can see in the photo, there is also a picnic area below next to the parking lot, which is probably nice for larger groups visiting the winery. And this is me relaxing in a lounge chair on the balcony:


You can even see a glimpse of the beautiful view I’m looking at via the reflection from the glass door behind me in the photo! And the fact that the balcony ends up being in the shade is a bonus too.

Since I don’t really drink, the one sample of the white (and the bottle of chilled water) I was given was plenty but the relaxing scenery is worth it enough to go and visit the place. And of course, if you are a wine enthusiast there are plenty of other varieties you can taste during your visit.

My take from all this was to make fun plans with girlfriends and have that sense of adventure (be willing to explore whether you’re by yourself or not) as I have been with some of my other recent travel blog entries from Chicago and Paris.

Bon Voyage,





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