My Boudoir Photo Shoot

I recently went back into the newly remodeled Modern Love Studio to do a shoot with them. I thought the looks they had me go for were appropriately modern vintage boudoir so here they are:

The Nautical Look Bikini Style

The bikini I wore is from Victoria’s Secret and is no longer available in the exact style and color, but the bandeau version of it in black and white is still available here.

Modern Love Photograhy-8201

Modern Love Photograhy-8236Modern Love Photograhy-8264

The photographer wanted a few shot of me with an even more vintage look with the added waist band (which I admit I’m not as big of a fan of) and it certainly did serve that purpose so here’s a few with that addition as well:

Modern Love Photograhy-8030Modern Love Photograhy-8170

I think things like the high waist band are examples of things that separate vintage and modern vintage looks. While I ended up wearing a different pair of shoes in the photo per the photographers selection, I personally like the idea of pairing the swimsuit with these shoes that match the bow accent (I am also biased because I own a few of these in different colors as some of you may recall from a previous posting I mentioned them in):

Picture 10
Click here to buy the shoes

I have a pair in dark purple which also would have been a great alternative to black.

The “Almost” Lingerie Look

I also modeled a body suit that has a black lace lingerie monokini look to it:

Modern Love Photograhy-8342

You can see me proudly wearing my Jeffery Campbell unicorn pumps that I unknowingly ended up saving to wear for this occasion:

Modern Love Photograhy-8339

And the hair playing shots begin…..

Modern Love Photograhy-8441 Modern Love Photograhy-8385

While I don’t know what the make of the bodysuit was, I was able to find some with the similar concepts. Note that the following bodysuits do come in different colors even though I chose to display them in the color that I did for the purpose making it easier to identify the purchase links of the respective designs:

Picture 8
Click to buy bodysuit shown in blue      BS shown in black        BS shown in beige

Some Tips for Boudoir Modeling

1.) Get hair & makeup done professionally (unless you are a professional) And if the photographer works well with a particular person who does that, use that person.

2.) Suck it in. Even though there’s something called photoshop, it’s always better to have it look better to begin with and not have to worry about doing as much photo editing (if there is a photo editor at all).

3.) Create different looks with the same outfit whenever possible. Like the photographer did in the nautical bikini look, something like a waistband can create a whole different look even if you’re still wearing the same thing. The same can be said about other accessories like hats.

4.) Move around in different positions to also get different type of shots. You notice that I did poses from sitting to kneeling to laying down on the ground in addition to standard standing poses.

5.) Use a different background or set. As you can see, Modern Love Studio has various sets to shoot on within the studio and the bikini shots were actually shot in a different room from the ones that were shot in the room where I modeled the bodysuit.

6.) Relax your mouth. This is the key difference between the model look from the cutesy ducky lips and holding up two peace signs look that Japanese school girls pose in. Most sexy facial expressions have models keeping their lips slightly parted. This also helps to create the illusion of fuller lips. It helps to exhale (think of lightly breathing onto a glass or a mirror to steam it).

7.) Music can help. Like dancing, you are trying to set the mood for moving a certain way and giving the camera certain looks. While there wasn’t any music playing during the shoot, the makeup artist who also did my hair played music while she was prepping me. And I have worked with plenty of photographers who like to shoot while music plays in the background. Runway models walk to music and there is no reason why print models can’t pose to music either.

Here’s to modeling!

– M


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