My Take on Bridal Shower Fashion

I went to a bridal shower this weekend and this was the look I put together for the occasion:IMG_0742_2

I just had a photo shoot the day before and tried to preserve the curls the hair stylist put in since I don’t own a hair curler myself. It’s unfortunately very difficult to see in the photo, but I was wearing the unicorn heels that day. Here’s a breakdown of the outfit:

The Dress

I obviously own the dress in navy blue but definitely would like to get the green one (St. Patrick’s Day is here, after all). The material is nice and stretchy and is actually a bit on the thicker side. Thankfully, these dresses don’t need to go to the dry cleaners.

Picture 6
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The Gloves

Compared to some of the other gloves I own, the pair I wore for the occasion was much more thinner in material (appropriate for the warmer weather we had in northern California over the weekend) without it being a pair of lace gloves. And since the lace accent on the dress and the shoes I wore were slightly more cream in color these were a near perfect match:

Picture 7

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Though I admit that for the photo I took (above) I swapped the gloves for a different pair of gloves in the same color because I was not able to find them in that moment.

The Shoes

Unfortunately, I was not able to locate these Jeffery Campbell shoes I got a few months ago. I previously had bought them in black for a Lady Gaga Halloween costume (and like I’ve said, when I love something, I buy more in other colors!) Though the black ones are much more rubbery and plasticy in material. Whereas the cream colored ones are made of actual leather and I made the wise choice of getting them sprayed for protection by my shoe cobbler before I wore them.

Picture 6

The Purse

I got mine for free at the clothing swap I attended back in February. I checked to see that it’s by Nila Anthony and was able to find it in cream (which still would go well with the cream colored accents we have got going on):

Picture 10

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While I am known for my love of fascinators (especially at weddings and events where people dress up) I chose not to wear anything on top of my head since the dress already has the lace detail and didn’t want to take the focus away from it. If I were to wear something in my head, I would have chosen to further accent the lace by wearing a matching lace headband (or a wide brimmed hat in the same color if the event took place outdoors). Sometimes less is more.

Choosing the Right Color

I think with any event surrounding a wedding, it could be a bit challenging as you’re trying not to outshine the bride (or soon-to-be bride) but you’re also still trying to look nice to show respect for the bride. But as the general rule tends to be that you’re not supposed to wear the color white to prevent clashing with the wedding dress, the safest bet would be to go with colors that look like they were mixed in with the color white (aka pastels), especially if it’s spring.

Navy blue works well in place of a darker color like black (since that color is often associated with funeral attire) without it being loud. As long as the bridesmaids aren’t wearing navy blue … unless of course you ARE one of the bridesmaids!

Choosing the Right Material and Design

Keep in mind that most weddings are held during the warmer seasons so the material of whatever you’re wearing should be breathable. In other words, 100% polyester is not your best choice. And if there’s dancing I would steer away from strapless dresses or dresses made of non-stretchy material. You don’t want to spend all night pulling the dress up every time it starts to ride down (strapless dresses) and you want to be able to move in comfort (wear stretchy dresses).

Most of all, remember to have fun and smile. It shows in photos.

– M


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