My Comparison Notes on Fifty Shades of Grey (Movie vs. Book)

So after all the blog entries I’ve recently written about the book Fifty Shades of Grey, I finally went to go see the film over the previous weekend with some of my girlfriends and it came down to a list:

Scenes that were alright to skip

1.) The job interview – Even though the essential characters from her new job are introduced in this first book it still works if they don’t appear until the second movie.

2.) No mentioning of the personal trainer. Though I did notice that it was very much implied in the movie that Christian went out for a jog that morning after the first night at Heathman’s whereas they didn’t show Anastasia (who did the actual jogging in the book) go on her jog before her champagne sex scene back at her apartment.

3.) No mentioning of Dr. Flynn. Like Jack Hyde and Elizabeth, they will have more significance/appearances in the second and third book anyways.

4.) Certain sex scenes like the round two they went for after the very first time they had sex. There would have been way too many to cover it in the duration of the movie and many of them would have caused the movie to become a rated X movie rather than a rated R.

Scenes that should have been there [in the movie]

1.) Anastasia inviting Christian to Jose’s photography show (which is part of how things unfold between them in the second book) and him inviting her to the formal event on Saturday that they were supposed to go to together before she left him at the end of the first book. In the second book, her gives her the pair of earrings that he was planning on giving her for that event and it becomes a second chance gift.

2.) Anastasia gifting Christian with the gift of the glider model building kit. They didn’t forget to show all the things he gave her, so I don’t see why they couldn’t fit that in there…. and the whole scene at iHop (which she also paid for).

3.) No Mrs. Jones! And no Ethan!

4.) The reference to “plain vanilla.” It was supposed to be anything but and it’s supposed to be part of the charm bracelet he gives her in the third book.  Along with that, there were numerous other “firsts” between them that were missing.

5.) The scene that was supposed to take place at the boathouse when Anastasia goes over to Christian’s parents’ home (which is supposed to be where he proposes to her in the second book).

6.) When Christian comes back to stay with Anastasia at her apartment because she says she didn’t like him because he never stays with her

7.) Christian telling Anastasia that he is going to “make love” to her (in the movie he didn’t say it upon discovering that she was a virgin). This was supposed to very much contrast with him telling her that he doesn’t make love prior. And there’s another part of the book where she asks him to make love to her and he tells her that he thought they just did.

8.) Anastasia telling Christian what her favorite tea is and it appearing later on when he remembers how she likes her tea when she stays the night with him at the Heathman Hotel for the first time (obviously, I’m biased when it comes to the tea thing since I wrote a blog entry about it). Making tea is also her default move for making things better or when she seeks comfort (inherited from her stepfather who considers it the answer to everything). Others do it for her to comfort her as well .

9.) The emphasis on how other admirers go gaga over Christian and Anastasia from having crushes on them. And the way Christian treated Anastasia when he met her the first time made his assistants shocked (ie. him canceling his next appointment so he could keep talking to Anastasia, him seeing her out). It’s supposed to show how he treats her differently than other women or people.

11.) When Anastasia makes the statement about how the paintings in Christian’s office show how they raise the ordinary to the extraordinary. It’s supposed to symbolize the potential he sees in her.

12.) Anastasia talking about her hopes of traveling to London (which is where Christian takes her on their honeymoon).

13.) Christian telling Anastasia about his birth mother [while she is awake]. In the book, she is very persistent about wanting to know more about him and he gradually starts to open up. In the movie, he decides to tell her while she’s asleep – which I don’t understand how that works better.

Scenes that they could have skipped [in the movie]

1.) The intro – The clouds and other shades of Grey symbolism. I think they could have started where the book started with Anastasia simply trying to get ready to leave the apartment to go do the interview.

2.) The interaction between Jose and Anastasia in the parking lot (the first appearance of Jose in the movie). Why did they even show that scene if they skipped the whole thing about Anastasia inviting Christian to Jose’s photography show?

Otherwise, I think from a visual perspective, they got the physical characteristics of the characters from the book pretty well. But they certainly didn’t get all the outfits correct. My letter grade I give the movie overall is a B minus.

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