[More] Books on Romance

In addition to finishing all three books of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, I also read the following books this month so far:

Picture 5

Letters, To The Men I Have Loved
By Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol

This book comprises of letters written to various men the author’s life has been touched by (some are obviously ones she’s had romantic relationships with while some are for her father or her nephew) followed by poems she wrote about them/for them at the time she was going through the emotions/events.
I found some of them to be quite relatable – Not necessarily the nature of the relationships she experienced, but the emotions that she felt from them as I have often written such poems throughout my teenage years and adult life. Since the ones (especially about her romantic relationships) consist of both ups and downs she experienced from them, it’s probably a good read for anyone going through a breakup or heartache of some sort (including mourning the death of a loved one).
Who knows? It might even inspire you to start scribing down your own letters and poems while you’re at it!

Click here to buy Letters, To The Men I Have Loved

Picture 7Get the Guy
By Matthew Hussey

It’s no secret that I have been following Matthew Hussey’s work for a while now (apparent from some of my previous blog entries featuring him). And as I will be attending one of his live events this month, I decided it was time for me to actually read his book to see if I’ve missed anything else.
Rather than for the purpose of “getting a guy” my initial reason for following his work was for taking a look at things I have done wrong in romantic relationships and how I can better prepare myself for when I enter a new chapter of romance in my own personal life.
The book content includes some links to videos you can view online (which most of the footage are taken from his six month program if you are subscribed to that). Though after going through the six month program AND reading the book, I think it’s fair to say that people learn/absorb information better through different methods (ie. some are better visual learners vs. audio learners).
So if you are more of a visual learner, perhaps the book is a better option since the six month program is predominantly video footage or audio recordings of you listening to him speak. Though his videos also include visual demonstrations on body language and such.

Click here to buy Get the Guy

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Click here to buy Fifty Shades Darker
Click here to buy Fifty Shades Freed
Click here to buy the Fifty Shades Trilogy


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