Falling in Love with Fiction

I just concluded my reading of the final book of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. As I tuned back to reality afterwards and was making a trip to grab cheese at a local supermarket, I was thinking about why I got so hooked reading these books. Sure, it’s an erotica novel – why wouldn’t I enjoy reading it?

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I’ve decided that people probably enjoy watching certain movies or shows and like reading certain books for reasons that fall under three categories:

1.) You can relate to/are like a character in some ways, if not many.

This explains why I enjoy watching the FOX show “New Girl” as the character Jess (played by Zoey Deschanel) is often seen wearing fashion similar to my style. And this is why people LOVE to take those online quizzes that tells you what character you are in a show or a movie. Back when the show FRIENDS was popular, I remember I couldn’t decide if I was more like Monica or Pheobe or Rachel.Picture 1
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2.) There’s a character that you would like to be like/aspire to become like

Most children seem to welcome any kind of character with super powers. I do always recall how I used to have this notion of being able to fly on a broomstick and spent hours one time trying when I was a little girl. Or that time I put a banana peel on top of my head so that I could be like Mowgli from The Jungle Book.

3.) There’s a character that you would like in real life.

Whether it’s that funny nanny or the gorgeous beau (or belle), we all have fantasies of sorts. At some point we all wish we had a genie that would grant us three wishes or a fairy god mother who could make us look fabulous anytime.

And of course, there are often elements of all three of these present in many of our favorite fictional stories.

Fifty Shades of Grey was no exception. While I have not lived an exact carbon copy of Anastasia Steele’s life, I immediately found myself liking her more when I found out that she was also an avid tea drinker (which is evident from one of my previous entries I wrote on the juxtaposition of Lady Grey Tea and Fifty Shades of Grey).

And I’ve wished for a majority of my adult life to have a best friend like Kate. While I don’t aspire to date a Christian Grey per say, like many women out there, you ultimately want to be with someone that is just as crazy about you as you are about them. I can’t call myself an experienced erotica novel reader but I do think these books were so popular because it’s also a romance novel depicting that reciprocation of passion between the two characters that everyone secretly (or not so secretly) desires to have in their love lives.

I plan to continue writing blog entries on the topic of romance in honor of Valentine’s Day this month. I am also looking forward to attending a seminar by relationship guru Matthew Hussey. Coincidentally, he too had a blog entry (or a blog video) playing on the pun of Earl Grey Tea and Fifty Shades of Grey. So I wanted to share his video.


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