Spotlight on Lady Grey & 50 Shades of Grey

Many women out there are excited about the upcoming release of the film 50 Shades of Grey. I haven’t finished reading the book yet but I am so far enjoying what I’ve read.

Picture 1

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However, my fascination of the day last week was for a different person named Grey. And it’s a she (not a he) because it’s Lady Grey, the woman whom the tea was named after. A friend of mine recently returned from a trip to England and brought me back Twining’s Lady Grey tea in a tin as it’s not a secret that I am quite the tea enthusiast.

Coincidentally, Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey also appears to be quite the tea person herself! Though her default choice seems to be English Breakfast tea as she mentions it being her favorite.

Picture 6

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So as I was enjoying a cup of the tea I made today, I read the back of the tin and this is what it said:

LADY GREY WAS QUITE A BEAUTY. She always looked elegant and liked to wear a peacock feather in her hair at social gatherings.

It’s also no secret that I love to dress up and have a thing for peacock feathers myself. So how appropriate it was! I got curious and started to do some research on her.

Otherwise known as Mary Elizabeth Ponsonby, she became the wife of Charles Grey (whom the tea Earl Grey was named after). She bore 16 children during their marriage and due to the consistent pregnancies, her husband had many affairs during his absence while traveling alone. Prior to getting married to Mary, Charles was famously known to have had the affair with Georgiana Cavendish, Dutchess of Devnoshire which was portrayed in the film “The Dutchess” starring Keira Kneightly who played the role of of Georgiana.

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I did notice that the first five children born were consecutively all daughters (the child Charles had with the Dutchess of Devonshire was also a daughter). So I imagine that there must have been quite a bit of pressure for her to keep having children until she could “prove” herself to be capable of bearing her husband a son. Through her third daughter she is also the great-great-great-great-great grandmother of Princess Diana. Here is a portrait of her that I found (courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery website):

Picture 8I calculated that she was 18 years old when she married her husband (who was 12 years her senior) and 33 years old when she had her 16th and final child.

In honor of Lady Grey and 50 Shades of Grey, I had to include a Grey fashion selection (something to consider if you are planning on watching the film at the theaters this month):


Picture 1Picture 9

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I do own the bottom left lace dress in a royal blue color. The waist band does not have any stretch, but the material is 100% cotton which is nice for when you want to dress up in hot and humid weather (ie.  when you’re a tropical destination wedding guest).

Picture 5Picture 14

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I also own the dress below. This one is stretchy all over (a great plus for a figure-hugging dress) and I couldn’t resist showing how subtly sexy it is in the back. This is what I would have worn to the interview with Christian Grey if I were Anastasia Steele!

Picture 12

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While the teal may be a more common sense choice, the purple is also a favorite combination of mine when it comes to pairing it with peacock feathers or the color peacock (as you may have noticed in some of the outfits I’m photographed wearing in my previous blog entry.

Picture 6Picture 13

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My readers have seen the peacock feather shoes numerous times by now, but I couldn’t help include them in this entry as well. I also found a pair nicknamed “Earl Grey” which I thought was all-too appropriate.

Picture 7Picture 3

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I also own the adorable pair below and have found that it tends to go well with grey tights or grey dresses:

Picture 15
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Voila. I shall conclude this entry here and continue on with finishing my reading of 50 Shades of Grey, perhaps while enjoying a cup of Lady Grey tea 😉


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