My Favorite Things

I believe “My Favorite Things” started from Oprah Winfrey’s tradition of giving away her favorite things on her show. My girlfriends and I have our own “My Favorite Things” tradition this time of the year and it’s getting together for brunch bringing with us 5 duplicates of an item we really like. Since there are six of us now, we all get to take home one of each of the gifts brought by everyone else (ie. You bring five tubes of your favorite hand cream and the other five girls get to go home with one)

In my previous fashion entry, I exemplified what I did using the color red as an accent. It occured to me that I could have easily done it in blue since I have some of the exact same items in blue as well. So in honor of the “My Favorite Things” tradition, I present to you a list of my own favorite things I own multiple varieties of:


Picture 1       Picture 5

Click here to buy the blue gloves         Click here to buy the red gloves

Picture 4      Picture 6

Click here to buy green gloves          Click here to buy the black gloves

I own all of the gloves in this design except the black ones. The green ones are definitely more radiant and deeper in color than in the photo. The blue ones also are a bit more richer in color but are just as bright. The material is stretchy which really feels comfortable and makes it easy to put on and take off.

Picture 13  Picture 14
Click here to buy purple gloves       Click here to buy pink gloves

Picture 15

Click here to buy blue gloves

I have these studded gloves in all three colors shown. The blue is definitely a more deeper color but I would not go as far as calling them turquoise. The purple gloves are true to color shown in the photos. Like the Chinese latch design gloves, these gloves are also stretchy and made of a similar material.


Picture 6        Picture 9

Click here to buy the red fascinator     Click here to buy the camel fascinator

Picture 10        Picture 11

Click here to buy black fascinator       Click here to buy blue fascinator

I own the fascinators in the color blue and camel. Both of them I’ve removed from the black headband and replaced it with an elastic band so that I can be choosier on where I want the fascinator to be situated on my head.


purple peacock shoes          pastel peacock

Click here to buy purple peacock pumps        Click here to buy pastel peacock pumps

Picture 4          Picture 6

Click here to buy beige peacock pumps       Click here to buy black peacock pumps

I own these peacock pumps in the colors beige and pastel. They are the perfect shoes to wear when you want to still be stylish in heels but comfortable walking around town (they do have a good amount of cushioning for the soles on the inside). And they’re rainy weather friendly too. The only downside may be that these shoes don’t come in half sizes. However, I am usually a size 7.5 and fit into the size 8 of these perfectly.

Picture 7 Picture 8

Picture 9 Picture 10

Click here to buy satin heels (link works for all colors)

The satin shoes are also available in apple green, hues of blue, black, silver, yellow, hues of purple, and a variety of neutrals. I own the shoes in purple and fuchsia (the first two pairs above). Though I must say that the fuchsia is definitely a true fuchsia in person (it looks more purple-ish in the photo) and is much more closer to a deeper pink color. The purple one is much more richer in color in person too. These are also moderately comfortable to wear for longer periods and distances.

I confess that I could have done a longer list of gloves that I own in multiple colors but I chose the ones that looked to be the most fun and colorful. The same could be said for shoes (but not all of them are still sold online). I also have a few items that I would probably end up getting more of in other colors in the future. I suppose it’ll have to be saved for “My Favorite Things Part II.”


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