DIY Gift for the Holidays

The holidays can be daunting and stressful for many as holiday shopping for gifts can take quite a toll financially. I personally am not big on holidays so I tend to not fall under that category, but I also have a great go-to gift I like to do for people that seems to be especially appreciated this time of the year when it gets to be a bit more chilly. Those fancy heating pads that vendors try to sell you at the malls or at outdoor festivals? It’s not that difficult to make on your own, but if you really don’t know how to sew or don’t have a sewing machine, you can just use a sock!

So now you can give the “most boring gift” (aka socks) a makeover. Behold:


I took a sock I already had and stuffed it with dry jasmine rice, a pinch of lavender and peppermint (the last two can be omitted for non-scented ones). The stripes reminded me of a candy cane so I thought it would be holiday appropriate. The sock can be secured at the end with a thread and embellished with a ribbon. But as this is going to be microwaved, NOTE that nothing that is not microwave safe should be used to make this. So yes, no metal. Rubber will melt so make sure you don’t use rubber bands or socks that have those traction designs at the bottom.

The microwave time will vary depending on the size of the heating pad and you may want to do a test drive before you give it to someone. For a typical one size fits all sock for adult females like the one shown above, if you fill it up to the extent I did 30 seconds should be a good amount to start with. You can go shorter or longer duration in the microwave depending on the heat preference.

The heating pad can also be converted into a cold pack (cryotherapy) by putting it in the freezer for about 20 minutes. If you want to give someone the set pair (both socks) they can use one for heat and the other one for icing!

The best storage options are in a ziplock bag or a glass pyrex container but you can wrap it like you would wrap any gift when giving it to someone. Sheer drawstring bags are also a good option. Here’s a breakdown of some of the ingredients and supplies that are helpful:

1.) Socks – For the hairdresser to the music teacher, there’s an array of choices!

Picture 3     Picture 4  Picture 6

click to buy the fawn socks      Click to buy football socks      Click to buy scissor socks

Picture 7 Picture 5Picture 3

Click to buy cat socks           Click to buy tux socks         Click to buy gnome socks

Picture 5Picture 6Picture 4

Click to buy music socks         Click to buy Frida socks        Click to buy Santa socks

2.) The rice – I usually use Jasmine rice or Basmati rice but any rice will do (white or brown). A good way to gage the amount of stuffing you should have in the socks is to fill it generously up about halfway of the space it an occupy.

3.) Peppermint and lavender (optional) – If you can’t find peppermint you can opt for taking a pinch of peppermint tea out of tea bags. Here’s the lavender I use for my heating pads:

Picture 7

Click here to buy the lavender

4.) Gift wrapping – As mentioned earlier, an organza drawstring bag is a great hassle-free option. It would showcase the design of the sock (or if you want to conceal it to keep it a surprise you can always wrap the heating pad in tissue paper and put that inside the drawstring bag):

Picture 9
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Happy crafting!

– Mona Lisa Moon


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