Afternoon Tea with Fellow Fashionistas

Muse Meileena ( has been a loyal fan of my blog and I had the honor of having afternoon tea with her and other fellow fashionistas last week. The aftermath? Fun. Lots of it.

10647222_803862916343633_4769785651425362069_nMuse Meileena and myself (photo courtesy of Muse Meileena). She looks so cute with the fascinator I gave her that day!1383449_803865226343402_8289453017055280863_nGroup shot at the stairs. From left to right: Muse Meileena, Alaine, Brianna, Michelle and Diana of, myself, and Suzanne Agasi of (Photo courtesy of Muse Meileena)10710622_803865406343384_1159540651528222264_nOur shoes of the day! Girls really know how to have fun, don’t they? (Photo courtesy of Muse Meileena)

And as always, here’s a dissection of my outfit for the day:


The accent color I used is obviously red. Incorporating an accent color to neutrals is a great way to start incorporating more color into your wardrobe. I would like to call the method I used here the starfish tips method. Here’s a diagram illustrating my point:

Picture 3

As you can see, I’ve worn red accents at where the tips of the starfish would respectively be to where the top of my head, hands and feet would be to accent the accent color that’s already there in the dress I was wearing.

Though not all of the items I’m wearing are available for purchase, here’s a few options to recreate the look:

1. Fascinator

Picture 6

Click here to buy the fascinator

The one I’m wearing in the photo is no longer available, but the one above I own in a camel color and will say that if it’s anything like mine, it may not hurt to readjust the point in which the fascinator is attached onto the headband or remove it from the headband and go elastic black string instead.

2. Gloves 

Picture 5Picture 11

Click here to buy the gloves                                     Click here to buy the gloves with bow

The ones to the left are the text-friendly version of the ones I’m wearing in the photo. Personally, for aesthetic reasons I am not a big fan of the text versions they’ve been making of the gloves by this brand. The ones on the right are also text-friendly gloves by the same maker and again have a similar color scheme design to them.

3. Dress

Picture 12Picture 13
Click here to buy the A-line dress                                                                Click here to buy the shift dress

The dress I am wearing in the photo is also no longer available, but the one above (to the left) has a similar shape and concept with black and the red accent being at the hem of the dress rather than at the top like mine. If you think you want a more form-fitting item that might work well for going out at night too, you can opt for a shift dress like the one on the right.

4. Shoes

Picture 7


Click here to buy the shoes

While the one above is the exact pair of shoes I’m wearing in the photo, I’ve added other options by the same maker:

Picture 8Picture 10

Click here to buy Mary Jane Pumps                                           Click here to buy open-toed heels

I wore basic black tights with my shoes but if you really want to look schoolgirl-esque you can opt for some knee highs instead. Though rather than go white knee highs, I would keep them black or a darker grey shade so that the contrast doesn’t become distracting. And it only really works well if the dress you’re wearing falls above your knee caps. The red plaid does work well for pairing with other attires ranging from denim, LBDs and red shift dresses.

So there you have it. Cheers to tea time fun and fashion!


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