Sports Bras and Sports Bra-Friendly Exercises

I haven’t blogged about fitness in a while, so here is a combination of two topics I am passionate about combined: Fashion AND fitness.

If you read my previous posting on my not-so-guilt pleasures, you may recall that I bought myself white lacy pair of heels. Well, I returned them … twice…. After trying on two different sizes I decided the were just not meant to be.

I traded in the pretty shoes for a sports bra. It’s not as fun-sounding, but it was a much better choice. Though the last blog entry was about me not feeling guilty, I AM guilty of not having been as good about updating my workout wardrobe, particularly the sports bras. And you realize that after wearing some sports bras for over ten years that the sports bras now are so much better! Behold, the purchase I made:

Picture 1Picture 3

Click here to buy the sports bra

Though one of my reasons for working out is to look good as a result of the workouts, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good working out.

I am also aware that while I do not have this problem, a lot of women who are well-endowed up in the chest have trouble finding a supportive sports bra. Worry not! I think this article has a great selection and break-down on sports bras for larger breasted women:

And these are the sports bras presented in the article (in the order it was presented in the article):

1.) Panache

blue sportsbra

Click here to buy Panache Sports Bra

2.) Under Armour

Picture 1

Click here to buy D-Cup Under Armour Sports Bra

3.) Enell

Enell Sportsbra

Click here to buy Enell Sports Bra

According to the article, Under Armour does things like having different types of bra straps for different cup sizes. For smaller breasts, the criss-cross design works well (like the one I got), whereas larger breasts require more support and are better off with over-the-shoulder straps that are wide.

I can only imagine that running or jumping with large breasts is probably quite unpleasant. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do these things or that you should not exercise.

I tend to recommend this for anyone who has bad knees as well, but jogging in a pool (where water comes up above waist level) is actually much more difficult due to the resistance of the water while reducing the impact you would get if you were to run on ground from all the pounding of the feet. In fact, you can also give your breasts a break from gravity pulling it down if you are doing this in a body of water coming up higher than your chest. Though in the case of underwater jogging, you may end up wearing a bathing suit top en lieu de a sports bra!

An exercise you can do anywhere are traditional push-ups or any other floor mat exercise that you can do face-down. You won’t have to worry about your breasts sagging down or riding up (or moving around much at all for that matter). Here’s a set of advanced push-ups (all of which I’ve tried and liked):

Now, if you want to actually test how well a sports bra withstands bounce, the best exercise I could recommend you could try in the fitting room is the jumping jack. If you don’t have enough room in the actual room to outstretch your arms, go outside the room so you don’t hurt yourself. Why do a full arm extension jumping jack? It’s most likely that if you have enough room to outstretch your arms when doing a jumping jack that you’re allowing your chest muscles to stretch out too. If the sports bra is too old and the bottom band is worn out (or if it’s too big on you to begin with), it will ride up your breasts and your breasts will start to get sandwiched by the band where it’s not supposed to be.


(photo from

Happy exercising!


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