Polka Dots and Scallop Fashion

Many of you have seen those crocheted scalloped shorts by now (and may even own a pair). These can be cute, but I am about looking timeless rather than trendy, so here’s a modern vintage take on the trend that works for this time of the year when we’re transitioning from summer into autumn.

Scallop designs and polka dots are both timeless. Granted that the polka dots are small, you won’t end up looking like a clown or minnie mouse (though I was dressed as Minnie Mouse last year wearing a subdued red polka dot dress). The outline of a scallop mimics that of a delicate lace hem and immediately adds a feminine touch to everything.

Here’s a photo I took of myself wearing the yellow scallop accent cardigan + the yellow shoes I mentioned in a previous blog (https://monalisamoon.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/summer-in-nautical-style/)+ turquoise scallop shorts accented with a strand of white pearls, white gloves, white sweetheart neckline shirt from Express, and a yellow vintage hat from a vintage clothing store in Nashville.


The Breakdown

1.) The cardigan

The yellow one is limited in stock right now and the black one is completely out of stock, but they will probably come back in stock.

Picture 1                                  Picture 7

Click here to buy the yellow cardigan            Click here to buy the black cardigan

2.) The shorts

(unfortunately, the turquoise one I am wearing is no longer available but I was able to find a similar one at a different site in black)

Picture 5Picture 1

Click here to buy the black shorts

3.) Extras & Bonuses

(I didn’t have these in the photo but thought they could have well been in it)

Picture 9                 Picture 10

Click here to buy the tights            Click here to buy the purse

4.) The shoes

Though the yellow scallop cutout shoes I’m wearing in the photo are no longer available, I have in fact worn the shorts with the polka dotted ones to the left which also make a cute pairing! I am throwing in the scalloped AND polka dotted black pair in there as well because I think it would go well with the black shorts.

Picture 4 Picture 11

Click here to buy the shoes            Click here to buy the black shoes

So there you have it. Remember, it’s all about the balance. If you’re wearing a polka-dotted top, you want to avoid wearing a polka dotted bottom and vise versa.

Polka dots also tend to be a print pattern whereas a scallop is more about the edges/hems/cut of the design. So the rule applies differently when it come to wearing a scalloped design top/bottom. This is why wearing the scalloped tights would work whereas wearing a pair of polka-dotted tights would not work as well with the polka dots already present in the shorts and the shoes.


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