Tips for Sounding Classy

As many of my regular readers (and those who know me personally) know, I am very passionate about dressing fashionably and classy. But if you would like to convey a classy image beyond the way you physically look, here’s a few helpful tips:

1.) Swear off on swearing – I never use profanity. You can choose to be selective of how you want to speak depending on who your audience is. But you never know who might be listening (or may hear about it later). And if you consistently use clean language you don’t ever have to worry about switching or slipping. And parents will feel more at ease having you be around their children.

2.) Trading in phrases. Here’s a few examples:

“I want to” or “I want” –> Instead, use “I would like to” or “I desire”

“Maybe” —> Instead, use “Perhaps” or “Possibly” or “potentially”

“Yeah” —> Instead use “Yes” or “Indeed”

However, if you use a high pitched tone to say these phrases, it could potentially make you sound snobby. So you want to be aware of how you say them as well. Smiling always helps!

Even though this blog is about being a modern vintage woman, I don’t think classy should be limited to women. Here’s a video I recently came across where a man is raving about something another man said that I thought was classy:

You can skip to 1:30 if you want to get to where the story about Dalton actually begins. Mind you, Matthew did throw in some swear words in there while he passionately raved about Dalton.

3.) Call or say it in person when apologizing and send a card in the mail to thank people. When you apologize over the phone or in person, the other person can hear the sincerity in your voice. And if there was any sort of misunderstanding, it is a much more efficient way of resolving them over a conversation. It also goes both ways in the sense that you can also hear the sincerity of the person forgiving you when you are able to hear in their voice as well.

With sending a thank you card, it conveys the message that you made the effort and took the time to write/send one (and possibly even make one as I often do). By receiving a physical card that they can hold in their hands, you are giving them something tactual that they can keep displayed on their desk that constantly serves as a reminder that they were appreciated. Think of it as a difference between having a photo stored in a file on your computer vs. a framed photo on their desk. Actually, if you send in a photo with the thank you card, it’s even better. Especially if it’s after someone hosted a lovely party, it’s a wonderful gesture to send a photo or two that were taken from the event.

If you need help looking for the perfect stationary for that purpose, here’s a peacock card set that conveniently will stand on your desk in a caddy and fits 4×6 inch photos perfectly as it’s the same size configuration as the card.

Picture 4

Click here to buy the Peacock Desk Caddy Note Cards

If you want to have it already be clear/obvious that it’s a thank you card you’re sending, here is a set of thank you cards with an array of designs that are unisex and appropriate for everyone. They also fit 4×6 inch photos.

Picture 6

Click here to buy the thank you cards

And if you want a photo to be part of a card, there’s the option of taping the photo on the front side of the card with double-sided tape or framing the photo in window cards like the one below:

Picture 7

Click here to buy 4×6 Photo Insert Card – Pkg 30

(Though the photo only depicts a neutral, tan-colored card the set does come in an array of colors from the rainbow and beyond)

Now, if you want to go the personalization route, I tend to do this option where I take a blank card or a card with a more neutral background (or even a piece of construction paper that I might fold and make into a card) and put lettered stickers on it. Often times, it ends up being the person’s name. Here’s a very simple example I did with a neutral background card + silver lettering stickers:



You can so something similar or even more customized using plain cards that are ready to be embellished. I am particularly a fan of the rustic recycled paper look:

Picture 5

Click here to buy 5 x 7 Blank Cards & Envelopes – Value Pack – 50 Count – Natural

One may ask why a thank you card but not a sorry card? As mentioned, a thank you card will linger and you want a good effect to last whereas, you would want to avoid any negativity lingering via a sorry card being there to remind someone that you did something horrible to them. This is also why people tend to never get tired of hearing “thank you” but will quickly get annoyed by repetitive apologies.



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