My “Birthday Suit” this Year

Sorry if I disappointed you if you were expecting to see a nude photo of me. I confess that I thought a birthday suit was an actual outfit until I was almost turning 24 years old. So my definition of a “birthday suit” to this day is a tradition I have of buying myself a new outfit every year as a birthday gift to myself.

This year, I chose to put together an outfit to wear to a friend’s wedding and designed it around the grey sequin fascinator that I mentioned in my blog entry two months ago ( Here’s a photo I took of myself before I went to the wedding:

Sequin dress

If you don’t do the modeling pose, the dress will be a little longer in length (to those of you who are concerned about being slightly more conservative). Here’s the recipe for putting the rest of the outfit together:

Picture 3 Picture 4

Click here to buy the satin pumps

The shoes are also available in other colors (black, ivory, purple, turquoise). It does have a good amount of cushioning at the ball of the foot so I wouldn’t be too intimidated by the height of the shoes if you’re already an experienced high heel-wearer. I did wear sheer pantyhose with them (L’eggs will do). 

<Click on the clutch to buy it>

Silver (like gold) goes well with most things so this is a good staple to have around for other semi-formal or formal events. It’s not shown in the photo above, but as you can see in the photo of me with the clutch, it does come with two different lengths of chains (long and short – the one I used was the short one). The clutch also comes in different colors that are also neutral (gold and white).

<Click on the dress to buy it>

I will point out that while this dress doesn’t feel scratchy like a lot of sequined dresses out there, it does tend to shed a few sequins here and there, which is slightly unfortunate. 

If you’re not thinking of sporting the fascinator with the outfit, you can get these gloves below (which I did in fact purchase with the anticipation of me wearing them to the wedding). The fascinator is a darker grey color and just didn’t go well with the gloves so I replaced them with a shorter length set of grey gloves I already owned (no longer sold on




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