Summer in Nautical Style

When I think of “Modern Vintage” I think of timeless style. Nautical stripes and anchors are timeless indeed and make for a very appropriate summer look. Apparently school starts earlier every year now, so for many kids out there summer is coming to an end (or has already come to an end). But when it’s coming to an end, that could also mean potential for grabbing a great deal.

And for those of you who are transitioning into a college dorm or a new home like myself, here’s a few items I’ve come across that make for a nautical look that’s both unisex and agreeable amongst people of different tastes:

The welcome mat (first impression does count)

Picture 3

Click here to buy the mat

The bath mat (and it’s reversible!)

Picture 5 Picture 6

Click here to buy the bath rug

I do think the bathroom is a perfect place for a nautical theme because of the water element present (think rubber duckies sailing away). And it is commonly a shared space amongst multiple people, so you definitely want to opt towards something everyone can agree on.

The Shower Curtain

Picture 7

Click here to buy the shower curtain

The Bedroom

Picture 10

Click here to buy the pillowcases

While there is an option of getting a matching bed cover, if you’re going to get the pillowcases, my advice would be to not get them for two reasons:

1.) If you want to showcase the pillowcases, you would be better off getting a patternless bed sheet and cover in the colors red or navy blue that appear as the accent colors in the pillowcases.

2.) Pillowcases are a lot easier to wash than bed covers (or bed sheets for that matter). Though these pillowcases have patterns on them, the base color is white so you’re going to want to wash them as they start to show any kind of stains or soiling. If this was a bed cover, you don’t want to have to wash them more often than pillowcases.

Nautical Fashion

Like I would skip out on the clothing part of this posting! While I do think the sailor look is timeless, I think some of these more subtle nautical looks make for more stylish choices.

Picture 8                                           Picture 9

Click here to buy the striped dress                         Click here to buy the navy dress

Picture 11Picture 12

Click here to buy the buttoned navy dress

I do own the third dress in green and love it. And it’s also available in nautical stripes (I’ve included an image of it in juxtaposition to the matte colored one for comparison). However, I would not get that dress personally because the horizontal stripes aren’t very flattering in general for women who want to appear more slender and it looks too busy for this particular design as it doesn’t allow the accents such as the buttons or the collar to stand out as much as the one in matte navy.

Note: the horizontal stripes in the first dress for the waistline works in your favor because it contrasts with the horizontal stripes below it and defines a waistline.

Shoes + Cardigan

A lot of people like to pair navy blue with red, which works, However, I am in slight favor of pairing it with yellow to prevent an overplay of the first pairing and look overly 4th of July-esque.

Picture 13             Picture 14

Click here to buy the shoes                              Click here to buy the cardigan

I do own these shoes myself now (and I also have them in pink). You want to go for a vivid yellow color like these shoes rather than a lighter lemon yellow to match the impact of the navy blue.

And if you’re really out sailing, it’s going to get windy and cold at some point, so a cardigan would be good to have. To match the yellow shoes, I would choose one in the same color. The upside to picking this color is that you could also easily get a raincoat in the same color if it’s a wet ride since that’s a common raincoat color. 


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