Traveling with Style

I just recently came back from a trip I took to Portland. I was catching up with a friend over an Independence Day barbecue and was sharing travel stories with her as she also just came back from a trip to Europe. Her impression was that London was more fashionable than Paris unexpectedly. At the same time, she also said she felt as though she was dressed “blah” because all her items were packed for traveling with ease, meaning lots of neutral pieces that would go with anything. So that inspired me to write this posting on how to feel more stylish while traveling and still be somewhat practical.


Shoes (next to non-foldable hats) tend to take up the most space in luggage. This tends to be especially true for fashionable shoes as they often have sturdy soles/or heels. And if you have to pack workout shoes (or hiking boots) and beach sandals, that can add up within this department. You can try to make the best of this particular situation by getting shoes that are still practical (and suited for these types of activities) BUT fashionable at the same time. Here’s a pair of shoes that I think could work very well for mild hikes (comfortable for walking) or walks out in places not best-suited for heels:

Picture 4Picture 6

Click here to buy the shoes                   Click here to buy the shoes

The boots can be paired with a white lace skirt or dress and work well with a modern prairie girl look or victorian look or even a cowgirl look. And if you must, you can pair them with jeans, though that’s definitely going closer to the “blah” look spectrum.

Jackets and Cardigans

Light outerwear is a must, especially on an airplane ride. Jackets and cardigans are much more suited for layered looks and lighter travel (as long as the weather permits it). Here’s a very comfortable (but stylish) hoodie jacket I found that would go well with the lace detail of the boots. In fact, one of the methods I used when packing for my portland trip was to pack a cardigan that matched the accent color of one of the shoes I packed.

Picture 4        Picture 4

Click here to buy the pink jacket        Click here to buy the blue jacket


Since I’m all about designing the perfect outfit from head-to-toe, I’m going to even throw in dresses that would go well with the shoes and the jacket above:

Picture 5                    Picture 6

Click here to buy the dress              Click here to buy the dress

In case you’re not starting to see the pattern here, if you want to pack so-called “neutrals” into your luggage you can still do so but have these types of examples where the cute details are still there. And when it comes to items that come in solid colors, go for texture or other details. Take this cardigan and shoes that I took with me on my trip to Portland for an instance:

Picture 7Picture 8

Click here to buy the cardigan        (Sorry, the shoes are no longer in stock)

If you do decide to pack a lot of neutral-based outfits, a quick way to spruce them up is to add a splash of bright color accent by pairing the look with shoes and outerwear.

Luggage Bags

It wouldn’t be a posting on traveling if I didn’t include luggage bags! Though I tend to pride myself on not being big on brands, I personally love how the brand le sportsac really makes bags great for travel because they’re so light (but strong), foldable like those fabric-based reusable bags AND you can throw them in the washing machine whenever you feel like they need washing


(click on either one to buy and or browse through other designs).

I’m also including a few choices for luggage bags that are a little less practical (in comparison to the le sportsac bags) but certainly match with the look I’ve been building above:

Picture 4Picture 5

Click here to buy the pink bag             Click here to buy the brown purse

I do have a tendency to consider souvenir space whenever I travel so if you’re planning on doing some shopping, consider leaving an ample amount of room for what you may end up buying. There is always the option of shipping things back too, if all else fails. In fact, an economical (but personable) option is to buy and send out lots of postcards to people while you’re on your trip (just remember to pack some postcard stamps in the luggage).

Bon Voyage!


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