Modern Vintage Tea Time

I recently purchased this adorable tea pot (at 50% off too) and am looking forward to hosting some fun tea parties:

Picture 1

Click here to buy the teapot

It reminds me of the adorable tea pot covers at Lisa’s Tea Treasures (one of my favorite local tea salons). But if your great-grandmother’s antique rose-patterned tea sets seems a bit too stuffy, I think you might like a few of my selections for this entry.

I do think this would make the perfect center piece for a tea time if you’re planning on having a vase of flowers:

Picture 3

Click here to buy the vase

And if you’re planning on having multiple tea choices, I think this is a great idea for tea pots:


(Click on the tea pot if you’re interested!)

And if it’s Valentine’s Day or you just want to go with a heart theme (or a deck of cards theme), this is a good set to serve one of my favorite herbal teas in due to the vibrant pink it turns:

Picture 6
Click here to buy the tea set

This is one of my favorite herbal teas distributed by Longevite. It turns into an even more vibrant pink color when you squeeze in a little bit of lemon juice into it. You can purchase it online ( or at select health food stores (I’ve only seen it be sold at one Whole Foods store so far). The pink color derives from Hibiscus flowers, so you will get a similar color effect from other hibiscus-containing teas.


On a side note: If you’re a green tea drinker, squeezing in lemon juice will help you absorb the antioxidant properties of the green tea, so lemons are good to have around in general for tea time. According to a research conducted at Purdue University, lemon increases the amount of catechins extracted by green tea up to six times. If you want to do more reading on it, here’s a full article on the health benefits of lemon and honey with green tea:

The tea above is a loose leaf tea, so if you’re in need for a tea infuser, here’s a few adorable choices:

Click on any of the infusers above if you’re interested in buying. I do own the robot, monkey and the T-Rex infusers. And personally, the metallic ones are easier to clean because of the hinge opening design. However, that also means you have to be more careful inserting them into a tea pot because if you just let it free-fall it could very well come undone easily inside the tea pot.

And of course, I am never going to attend a tea party without being dressed for the occasion (or any other occasion, for that matter). So if you’re not really into the frilly look, here’s a look that I think will still look elegant but with an edgier twist:

The Fascinator

(Click on the fascinator if you want to get it)

Note: I did purchase this fascinator about two months ago and admit that I did remove and re-attach the top of the fascinator so that I could wear it on the left side of my face because I like that side of my face better (Most people have a better left side face, so keep that in mind if you’re going to be at an event where there’s a lot of photos taken). The sparkly sequins also make this one an easy day to night transition piece and is a great choice for weddings that start during the daytime but end with a night time reception.

The Dress

Black dress set

Click here to buy the dress

And of course, it never hurts to have shoes that match the dress! Here’s a pair that also has a similar edgy, black/grey elegant pattern combination:

(Click on the shoe to purchase it)

If I do end up getting the dress and the shoes, I will promise to update this post with a photo wearing the full outfit.


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